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Is there "1 thing" I can do to get faster results?This is a loaded question!Since the beginning of this year, I've noticed this question being asked in many different forms.I believe faster results depends on doing the right things, consistently, for an extended amount of time.But is there really "1 thing" that can be done to get faster results?Here's my answer:Well, in my experience having a clear understanding of our market is the 1 thing to do right. But what about you?What do you think you
April 25, 2019
Who uses sticky notes?It's a thing of the past and they get on my way. But they are so helpful!I am one of those people who requires a lot of focus. I use sticky notes to keep me on track for the daily and weekly tasks. Sometimes it may look like a bunch of colorful pieces of paper stuck on the side of my monitor and all over my desk. It's not that bad.The colors help me see my tasks in a bright emotional state of mind. I am looking at them right now and one of them was to write this blog.Now I
Let me start by saying that a personal brand is not a title you create. Instead, a personal brand is who you become with the knowledge you share and help others.Think of Tony Robbins. Read his story and you'll find he did not start with the title as life coach or NLP guru. He actually started helping people and his brand follow thereafter. My point here is to tell you that you don't have to be discouraged if you don't know what is your personal brand. You don't have to create a title for yourse
I am one of those people who's talent is not writing. And if you're like me, then you'll like what I'll share with you today. "my secret to writing 1000 plus words for my blog".First let me tell you that if you're struggling to write your blog articles, that is just a block in your mind. It's a limiting belief and what I found is that positive affirmations will work. But also there is an app for that too!One of the ways I get my writing done is to record myself and transcribe it. Now I used to
Hello everybody! I am back after taking a some time to finish a special project. This project was started about a month ago and it helped me understand the importance of letting things go.I am one of those entrepereneurs who does not like to unplug completely from the virtual world. Running an online business and helping clients is something I enjoy. But there are times when I must unplug to super-exceed my goals.The biggest distraction in my life was social media, especially Facebook. Has this
Don’t spam your email subscribers with product links in your email.The purpose of the email is to engage and inform your leads. The only link I add to my emails is for further information to an article or a video.Most people don't like getting pushy product link sales emails with a bunch of offers to buy. People are likely to send those types of emails to their junk mail or even worse, they’ll unsubscribe fast and report your emails as spam.So What Do You Do?An email should be use t
Last week I found myself feeling overwhelmed and mentally tired. This is a usual sign for me to take a break and unplug from the daily hustle... but this time something was different in me.Doubt came over me and that feeling of.. "am I living out my purpose?"Have you ever felt like this?I can usually take a day off to do some of things I like. But it was not working.So I decided to plug back in to the hustle. However instead of hustling on my business, my focus landed on people looking for some
February 08, 2019
One of the biggest mistakes I made was to look who was on my side. But isn't that something we all do... start to look around us and compare our results with others!You have your own race to run and finish. Don't allow the results of others mess up your running path and speed.Did you think for a moment that those around you may have more time in the business than you?Look, you have what it takes to reach your own success. Here are 3 things to stay focus on:Listen to your market and learn to eng
Giving Up Yet?If you haven't thought about giving up yet, then you will. I know this is not your usual inspiration but let's be honest, the feeling of giving up is real.Have you ever felt like giving up?Most people with big goals will have this feeling a few times in their life. So today I'll share with you the biggest reason why people give up and what to do about it.The Biggest Reason WhyI don't know your situation or the type of person you are, but I do know that one of the biggest reason wh
December 31, 2018
The truth is that I use speed...Increase Your Reading SpeedAbout 2 years ago I met up with a couple of my friends at california. We were attending an event and decided to have breakfast by the ocean.I went on about how it took me months to read a book. They both looked at me like there was something wrong with me. And that's when they told me their reading time for one book is a couple of hours.The 2 Hour Reading FormulaSay what?!!!!! A couple of hours to read one book. Obviously I went on to a