It's hard to let go. but there is an App for that.

Last Update: May 30, 2019

The hardest thing for me running a business is letting go of the "I can do it myself" mindset.

The truth is that successful business owners have systems in place to get things done. It's a team effort... and there's no "i" in team.

One of those systems is having a team of motivated people doing the "other" things. It's everyone taking a piece of the pie. ;)

I use Trello.

Trello has become the newest addition to my "getting things done" system.

It's a platform to stay organized with business and life.

Trello has now allowed me to stay laser focus on the money making tasks.

My assistant loves it because it's easy to organize projects.

I love it because more things are getting done.

And it's free.

Oh... you say you don't have a team yet?

Think of your family members, friends and even neighbors. Someone will be willing to help you with answering emails, writing posts or even social media stuff.

I bet they wouldn't mind because in the process they can learn too. And with Trello you can all stay organized and work as a team.

I am curious... did you know about Trello?

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Lito-Jhie Premium
Thanks for sharing Eddie! I just installed it after your recommendation with flying colors and you're right, it looks awesome!

I've never heard of it. Good thing you did!

Keep pushing forward!
EddieSand Premium
awesome! Glad you got it now. Thanks for leaving a comment, Jhie.