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Hi, I'm Lawrence Ebipade Jonathan from Nigeria somewhere in Africa. I'm 23.
I've got 4 siblings, 3 brothers and a sister. Currently I'm a student of Niger Delta University (NDU) studying Medical Laboratory Science.
My favourite hobby is football. I love to cook and I have great passion for Agriculture.
My goal is to raise money enough for me to start up a poultry farm.
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Marley2016 Premium
Lawrence, Welcome to WA nice to meet you thank you for the follow I have given you one in return. If you ever need assistance please do not hesitate to ask. Susan
David58 Premium
Welcome to WA.

Eaka1 Premium
Welcome Ebipade, success with WA!
Kerjackie Premium
Welcome, aboard, Ebipade, I look forward to networking with you.
Hi kerjackie, I as well wish to network with you but the continent I'm from is killing my goals here in WA. I would really love to continue but I'm held back by finance. It seems like nobody here is willing to help. I thought WA is where we help one another but I get it now, money help is not provided. Everyday it saddens me that I come from a poor home. Now I'm trying to do something worthwhile for myself and money is involved every time..

Sorry if I've bored you with my problem.
Good luck with your success in WA.
Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Ebipade, when you need help, please post your questions, you will find always someone to answers to you, give time to yourself to learn the step by step training, don't expect to earn any money right away, everything takes time, to build an online business, follow others who have succeeded to get inspired, I am sure you will find your path in this journey.
I wish you a much success.
PhilipC1 Premium
Welcome, be sure to always ask for help when you need it. Huge support here and I am also here to lend a hand anytime you need it :-) .

I'm Lawrence Ebipade Jonathan and I live in Africa precisely Nigeria. Our time zone here is hours ahead. What appears to be afternoon here is morning in US.
I'm a university student and wish to make legal money with my free time.
$19 is a lot of money for me to pay since our country's currency is very low.The exchange rate is about 360 naira per dollar.
The problem I'm having is that I can't go premium to enable me continue . Please Philip I need your help. I've already set my goals and I'm determined to achieve it but it's seem like Africa, where I'm from and the $19 are a hold back to me. I sent this exact same message to Kyle but he hasn't responded yet. What can you do about it?
PhilipC1 Premium
Yes, I have heard this complaint before. It is something that I can't help with at all I am afraid. Your account here is always free. So don't worry about that. When then you have the finances to go Premium then your account is always and forever active, and since it is so, then you have tie to save.

I hate to hear this bad news but it is a common block for many people.

i wish I could help more Ebipade.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Lawrence, nice to meet you and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Thank you for the follow and all the best in achieving your goals at WA.
VirginiaJ1 Premium
Hi, Welcome to WA and community. Great training and a community that cares. Stick with it and you'll be successful.
Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Lawrence, welcome to the WA, online business marketing. You did a great decision to be part of the awesome community. Go through all the step by step training, learn how to set up your own website and how to monetize it.
Best of luck to you.
PhilipC1 Premium
Hello Lawrence
and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

You have just taken your first step towards Online Success!

My name is Philip and I am your Personal Mentor here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am here to assist you always and never feel like you can not ask me a question.

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You will want to go to the following link to help you get started:- Your success is also mine. This makes us a team in the truest sense of the word! Looking forward to connecting with you!!

Remember Lawrence:- Message me straight away as I really am here to help you succeed, OK?