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I would like to say I'm back! I signed up to premium in December then boom and nothing! An I activate as inactive can be! I get so overwhelmed with many ideas ....I just don't know where to start, then it's like my brain just cannot function and goes into sleep mode. Any way time has come and i have gave myself a massive kick up the backside for wasting money! So any tips on getting shit done would be appreciated 😀
Over the years i've learnt not to let things get to me and to keep a positive attitude, but i'm really cheesed off today over a parent at my sons school, and just need to rant so apologies. My son started reception class in September, its only a little school, but today one of the mums handing out presents for children, she has 2 other kids aswell and heard my Son say " But im so and so's friend" eagerly waiting to be handed a gift " No sorry, hes only allowed gifts for 3 of his friends and he
November 28, 2016
I stumbled across WA about 3 weeks ago, I am so hopeless at technical stuff, but I have enjoyed my time in learning, and adding content to my site which is still early days for me. I love the positive vibe here But my endeavour is can i afford to miss this yearly membership? So please tell me how long you have been here? And does WA make you an income? I'm not after massive success here, but I would like to be able to get my membership fees back once my site is up and running, Christmas is ne
November 20, 2016
Are you having a relaxing Sunday with family? We are having a relaxing family day at home, well I went for a walk with my furbabies getting blown away in this wind but luckily missed the rain! While the other half stayed in with my son, keeping nice and warm playing games!We are going to our local Christmas lights switch on later today, my Son is really looking forward to seeing Santa, I here there is craft stalls and bands playing so should be a great event, I've missed out previously due to w
November 10, 2016
I just wanted to say, i signed up to premium yesterday, I really am feeling the love, every one is sooo friendly and helpful, that sure makes me realize, i have done the right thing!What i am doing, is totally new for me, i am so not technical minded! I am finding it a little all overwhelming, but the training so far is so easy, especially for me to understand! I am getting through the training slowly but surely!I just want to thank you all, for being so welcoming and creating a such a positive