Opportunity presents itself in hard work and overalls

Last Update: September 16, 2019

What is success.

We look at people that are successful in life and we want what they have. With that we mean all the material possessions, the great lifestyle etc. We can see their result but we cannot see the journey they traveled to get there.

We make up excuses and we tell ourselves, they were lucky. They had more things going for them than we did. I was easier for them because when they started they didn't have this or that!

Society has brainwashed us in believing in instant gratification. We want everything, we want it now and we want it for free. That believe will keep many of us stuck were they are!

Why do your think the lines are always long at the booth for lottery ticket. Casinos are full of people looking for that big break that will change their lives.

People get online and follow the instant rich secrets and if luck was on our side we will make it. The problem with all this is we want it all but we don't want to go through the journey to get there.

If your stop drooling at successful and start asking them what it takes to be successful, luck is never mentioned, it takes blood, sweat and tears. Hard work at the start to learn, practice and master your skills.

Once your master your skills the money part becomes easy!

Don't focus on the Money!

What is the most important for most people when they apply for a job. 99% will answer my salary. Their focus is on the money, this will keep them stuck were they are!

Successful people don't sell their time for money, they will invest their time for leverage.
They understand that their opportunity comes in overalls and hard work.

They know that they need to get down and dirty to do the hard yards for things to start paying of. They make a conscious decition to invest in their future, by doing the necessary things today!

What does it take to be successful in Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes your guessed it. For your to learn, practice and master the skills your need your need to invest your time for your future. You need to do as much as your can today and every day, so your become a master crafts man or women at affiliate marketing.

The journey will be uphill at the start, but will flatten out when your become more skillful. The advantage your have here at WA is that your can leverage the knowledge that is provided to speed up the process.

That is why your see so many answers to questions that point people back to the training.
The ones that are successful with Affiliate Marketing already have gone through the training and walked that path and they know were it leads.

Thinking your can skip and jump over parts is just wasting your time. Follow the training and do what your need to do, free up time if your have to.

Learn to become more efficient with your time.

Challenge yourself and push yourself to become better at the things your find hard to do. For me it was writing in general, I was never good at it, spelling, grammar and English were foreign to me.

English is not my native tongue and it is a horrible langue with absolutely know logic what so ever but that said I still managed to overcome my struggle. Was it easy? Hell know!

I still type with two figures, never managed to learn how to use ten. Can I type fast, no not at all! I also have got word blindness in a light form. I work on my skills every day and that allows me to get a little quicker every day.

I don't allow things to stop me just because they are hard for me to do. Technology is helping a bit too, thank God for spelling and grammar checkers.

You see that is all it takes. I started on the 27th of August 2019, it is now 17th of September.
By just pushing myself every day I have managed to create a website with 6 pages and 10 posts. I have written 7 more posts here on my WA blog. I have written 17 reviews and 31 comments and not to forget all the social stuff and replies.

This is not to boost or make your feel bad, your see we all start with what we have in skills and through learning, practicing and pushing yourself every day your too can do that.

I still have a long way to go, but the rewards in the end will be so much sweater. I will be able to free up my time and travel the world.

Picture were your want to be.

Focus is one of the issues off being efficient with your time. You want to have a clear focus when your are doing your work, so your work gets done quick, efficient and with good results.

I don't know if your have noticed but the Wealthy Affiliate training has got many of the things I am talking about incorporated in their training. Just by following the training your will learn, practice and master the skills.

Now to keep your focus clear, it is important that your can picture yourself in the future were your want to be. This is the WHY! Why your are working hard!

I hope this helps guys and girls



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TonyJS Premium
Some fantastic points there Eric! It’s okay to dream of where we want to be as long as we don’t rest on our laurels!

Keep it up
MikeAdkins Premium
Great Post Eric
You make great points that apply to life in general and are highly relevant to being a relative newbie at WA.
Regards Mike
EBeins Premium
Hi Mike, good to hear from you again. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Luckily for us, we had the WA one! Lol.
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing Eric. Money replenishes itself, time does not. Hard work and focus. You hit the nail on the head.

Making a living, making a difference.
EBeins Premium
That is it Mark, you better go hard or you go home.
megawinner Premium
Success, in general, is like excellence. It is not a one-time affair. it is a way of life. To be successful in Wealthy Affiliate is to do not only what you are passionate about but what is useful for the community or to your target audience. Success is persistence + focus + passion+ goals.
Carson2 Premium
Once in awhile there's luck...most of the time, work! Great article. Thanks.
EBeins Premium
Carson, you are correct but you don't want to be waiting for luck to come knocking on your door or waiting for your ship to come in, you want to swim out to get it.