Cash Credits VS Offer Comments - My success & Questions

Last Update: May 23, 2016

A little milestone on My Road to Success

Exciting stuff, yet everything that's plain & simple - Hard work & dedication - I've been grinding hour after hour, day after day, week after week.. Looks like it's starting to pay off. I've finally earned 100 credits through Site Comments platform.

Dare to dream & take action!

The key is persistence - A little bit goes a long way - One step at a time towards your goals. Have courage to dream, it's incredibly important, but even more so do everything in your power to take action. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Goals are individual

Always remember, goals are individual not universal. Just because someone can run farther, lift heavier, go longer doesn't mean your effort isn't just as valid. So work hard for you & your own goals. Progress & success will follow.

Good & bad in the long run?

Using Cash Credits towards Site Comments VS earning credit by Offering Comments

Forgot to ask, should I start using my 100 available credits? Yes or.. yes? (: Anyways, as we all know there's a new Credit system available in Wealthy Affiliate that takes things to a whole new level: It gives us the option, among other wonderful features, to buy comments & site feedback for real cash. Here's also couple of questions that have more or less impact on every one of us here in Wealthy Affiliate:

  • What will happen if all of the WA members start relying entirely on using Cash Credits towards Site Comments & there will be no one left to Offer Comments/ write the actual comments?

  • How big of an impact does Cash Credit system/buying comments have on beginners experience? Think about it, writing is crucial to our blogging skills - Writing comments is tremendously important part to help you to successfully develop these abilities. Is it red flag for beginners?

  • Should it be limited & experienced-based feature only for veteran users to buy comments with Cash Credits? One thing is making our lives much easier which is incredibly important, the other thing is to promote laziness. The good & the bad?

Hot topics! What do you think guys?
Thank you for stopping by & feel free to leave your comments below to join the discussion! (:

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rileyroman Premium
Hi, just wanted to share quickly my thoughts on this subject. I purchased cash credits today, due to the shortage of time. I have been using the trade system with no problems, but, it takes a tremendous amount of time. I feel like at this point on my journey, it's more important for me to be writing content when possible.
This makes sense, doesn't it?
TheOldSilly Premium
It's all about balance, so if this works for you right now, I say go for it.
Cathy Ling Premium
'Buying' comments is out of my budget for the long term. I try to write 3 articles per week and currently working on 5 comments a.m. and another 5 comments p.m.

That would give me 10 comments to trade for 5 comments per day. I try to do this as often as I could.

Time is also my biggest issue as I work 6 days/week. It's been crazy, but it's all about organizing the mind and working habits.
MarthaQ1 Premium
Thanks for sharing. So do you mean asking for feedback or comments about our site or that we should offer it to others?
eatsoap Premium
Both (:
Balance is important..

As always, new features bring new things on table..
..but also cost something in return
MarthaQ1 Premium
Thank you, a lot clearer now. Cheers
MPollock Premium
Great job. Thanks for sharing.
eatsoap Premium
Thanks for your support! (:
Seahawk8058 Premium
All the tools here have value to all. Limited use of resources would only deter motivation for success, and that is not what WA is about.
eatsoap Premium
Exactly, that's a very good point.