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July 31, 2016
Another milestone reached - Top 500 is my realitySo far, so good (:A lot of learning, a lot of working, a lot of taking action.. slowly paying off.Success indeed is cumulative. Every small step you take is important.Luckily, the fun is not over - It's a marathon not a race..I'm glad I found Wealthy Affiliate - It's exciting to be part of this communityThank you guys, it's been great! (:Regards,Henry
A little milestone on My Road to SuccessExciting stuff, yet everything that's plain & simple - Hard work & dedication - I've been grinding hour after hour, day after day, week after week.. Looks like it's starting to pay off. I've finally earned 100 credits through Site Comments platform.Dare to dream & take action!The key is persistence - A little bit goes a long way - One step at a time towards your goals. Have courage to dream, it's incredibly important, but even more so do every