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I have kept a physical journal that I've had for quite some time now that is dedicated to my internet marketing journey.It is a composition book I bought for $1 and I've been jotting down notes about things I've tried, ideas for niche websites, and even notes from some of the live webinars here.Looking back through some of my entries has helped me to realize how far I've come in terms of knowledge and experience.Before finding Wealthy Affiliate, I was struggling to make things work. I'd start a
I don't promote Clickbank products all that much so it was a nice surprise to log into my account today and find that I've actually made a few commissions.This particular product is one that I have not personally used. I don't often recommend products that I haven't used myself. However, I feel this product is helpful for the niche audience I create content for.I have not created any type of product review post. I have only mentioned that it is an ideal option to use within some of my blog post
Yesterday marked one of the largest affiliate commissions I have made in one day. When I received the alert on my phone, I was so excited!We were out grocery shopping and I decided to check my phone to see a notification for a $739.25 commission! It is always an amazing feeling earning a commission no matter how much it is.Overcome Limiting BeliefsI make steady commissions with this company and they recently released a higher-priced item.Initially, I was hesitant to market it and it was due to
I've had an Instagram account for awhile now and I post a lot of different things on my feed. Recently, I've decided to experiment more with marketing and building an email list from my account.Part of the process was actually understanding how to use Instagram. The most I would do was post pictures on my feed. I never bothered using the Stories feature and had to get some quick lessons on how to use it from my sister.Learning all of the features of Instagram has made a big difference. I post w
The topic of whether or not affiliate links should have the "nofollow" attribute has come up before. I have made it a habit of adding the nofollow attribute on my affiliate links in the form of: rel="nofollow".Recently, the official Google Webmaster Central Blog posted an article which has introduced two new link attributes to include:sponsoredUGCAccording to the post, the sponsored attribute identifies links that are created as part of advertisements, sponsorships, or other compensation agreem
The purpose of this post is to share my experience in dealing with a great affiliate manager.As affiliate marketers, we often promote tons of different affiliate products and services. In many cases, we may never have to be in touch with anyone concerning the affiliate programs we are a part of. However, there may be a time when you become a part of an affiliate program that has a dedicated affiliate manager.A good affiliate manager can serve as a great partner in your promotion of an affiliate
You are not alone. There are many people that want to create their own YouTube channel but are afraid of what other people may think.I was one of those people. Being an introvert didn't make it any easier. However, I knew that in order to make progress, I'd have to step out of my comfort zone.I set forth and created my first video. Then another. And another. Guess what? It became easier with each one and I feel more confident with each new video I make.Tips for Making YouTube Videos1. You do no
I recently received a blog comment from a reader that asked if he should continue with his niche blog or quit because he hates writing.He has written posts on his blog once per week for six months. The problem is he dislikes writing and says it takes him 3 to 6 days to finish one post.His question is whether or not to quit blogging because he doesn't enjoy it but at the same time he doesn't want to give up his blog after putting in so much time already.My response included several solutions:Try
I currently have a monthly subscription to Photoshop. I have had it for over a year now as I was still doing some freelance web work in the past.Now I find that the only thing I use Photoshop for now is resizing images for my blog content. I feel like there isn't much of a need to continue paying for the subscription just for resizing images.That being said, I began looking into some free photo editing software options and found two that can get the job done.The first is Pixlr which can be foun
As much as I enjoy blogging on my website, there are times in which I suffer from writer's block. As bloggers, this is something that is bound to happen to us, more often than not.One of the tools I use to overcome writer's block is called The Most Dangerous Writing App:http://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.comHow does it work? You click on the "start writing" button and begin typing. Whatever comes into your head, type it out. If you stop typing for more than 5 seconds, all of your work is los