$471 Commission Surprise From One Blog Post

Last Update: Apr 7, 2021

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I recently logged into my Clickbank account and was happy to find a $471 commission made two days ago. When I checked what the product was, I realized that it was from one blog post that I wrote over a year ago.

That same blog post has made a little over $1K from the same product since I've written it. Although it isn't a consistent commission, it is still great that a post I wrote over a year ago is still earning commissions every now and then.

To give some backstory on the article, it is an overview of the product. What is interesting about it is that when I began receiving traffic to the post, it wasn't for the actual product name.

I checked my Google Search Console and people were searching for the product creator's name. You really never know what your target audience is going to type into the web search so it's important to include all elements (product creator, product price, etc.)

I'll take these commission surprises anytime. It is great when a blog post you've written continues to earn over time.

Here are some product review training resources that I refer to:

Leveraging Product Review

Writing Convincing Product Reviews

Keep creating content, stay consistent, and your hard work will pay off!

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Hi Eartha, thank you for sharing such valuable information. One more proof positive that affiliate marketing a la Wealthy Affiliate works. You have just experienced the joy of passive income

Hi Dada. Thank you! Yes, the WA training works. It is a matter of putting what you learn into action and staying consistent.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing so we can all know that anything is possible.


Hi Alex, I appreciate it! :)

Well done eartha

Thank you, Anjie! :)

Brilliant!! Congratulations Eartha, that is really passive! Very well done :-)

Thank you! :)

Well done and congrats
Passion incomes are always excellent and welcome
Thank you for those awesome resources

Thank you, Simone! :)

You're welcome

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