Out to the wood pile

Last Update: June 11, 2018

So hey everyone, I guess I have'nt said hi to everyone I've been head down and going through the list. That seems to be alot of my and all of our days lives, we have all worked for"The Man ", for most of our lives and now we are part of the few that dare to step outside the line and run another direction. By reading a bunch of your folks posts there seems to be plenty of those kind of people here, and that in itself is so relieving. We have all had the people in our lives that either criticize or just will not move, I'm glad to be surrounded by so many that just crack on! I chose the wood pile cause I live in Northern Minnesota, some would call it Canada in the U.S., but they all know we are different. I still chop wood and when I start that pile looks so daunting, but I know it will go away, I just have do it. So with my head down and not really looking around I just finished level 1, the funny thing is I thought I was done, and now I'm back to the wood pile. All I know is when it's done the family will be warm this winter, so thanks for all the encouragement, glad to say hello, but back to work. Cheers

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marmar463 Premium
Welcome to WA and glad to have you aboard in the community, Just follow the training step by step and you will succeed, Best wishes on your journey with WA.
CandP Premium
Welcome to the wonderful WA community! We are relatively new as well and still very much in training. You use that same determination here as you do with chopping your wood and you are bound for success. All the best to you! Colette and Philip