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There are a few things that I really like about Wealthy Affiliate. One of them is the fact that I can move at my own steady pace doing what I think is important now. When I started off initially with Wealthy Affiliate that was viewing and listening to the Wealthy Affiliate training videos which so far I find great.I reckon I have learned a lot however realize that I have only just started to learn things. Things make a lot more sense after doing the training, then doing, then re-doing. I find th
WP Plugins and keeping the number of them down is important for the performance of your WP website. WA suggest that the limit should be 5. Earlier today I added a WP Plugin called "WP Content Copy Protection", bringing me to 6. So what to do? One of the plugins I use was called "Exclude Pages from Navigation". I learned a way to exclude pages without using this plugin. So I tested these theories first, found out they worked for me, so I went ahead with the following process. Always important t
Just so you know, Google AdSense later this month (March 2015) will be adding the "Social Casino Games" category. By default, ads falling into this category will be displayed. If you do not want these ads displayed, you can change the setting for this in the "Allow & Block ads" section of your Google Adsense account. This setting can be changed now.
Within Windows Mail client on my PC, I have set up and successfully received emails sent to my email address on my WA hosted site. Within Windows Mail client on my PC, I have tried various settings in order to set up my outgoing email details. But no luck. I searched under SMTP in WA earlier, but none of the answers worked for me. The message could not be sent. The authentication setting might not be correct for your outgoing e-mail [SMTP] server. For help solving this problem, go to Help, sear
Kyle presents a brilliant article on how to add social media likes to your website using the "Tweek Like PlusOne" plugin. Kyle's article is brilliant. I really liked the way that this just works, when the plugin is activated within WordPress for the website in question. I think that some pages/posts should be excluded from displaying these social media likes. For instance, your privacy page. I would add that some pages/posts on your website shouldn't really include these social icons. So to exc