Not all pages or posts within Website should have social media likes

Last Update: February 28, 2015

Kyle presents a brilliant article on how to add social media likes to your website using the "Tweek Like PlusOne" plugin. Kyle's article is brilliant. I really liked the way that this just works, when the plugin is activated within WordPress for the website in question.

I think that some pages/posts should be excluded from displaying these social media likes. For instance, your privacy page.

I would add that some pages/posts on your website shouldn't really include these social icons. So to exclude them do the following:

Step 1 - Determine the page number of the pages/posts that need to be excluded.

- To find out the ID number of the appropriate page/post, take the option inside your WordPress Dashboard to edit that page/post, then click on 'get shortlink' button. The number after "?p=" is the page number.
- Repeat the above step for each appropriate page/post.

Step 2 - Enter your WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Tweek Like Plusone.

Then page down to the "Don't display on Posts/Page" setting. Enter in the appropriate page numbers with a comma between each page number eg '14,16'. Then update.

Job done.

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SowAndReap Premium Plus
Thanks for this info, I just checked my privacy policy page and it has social links on them. Lol, I'm going to have to fix that. Thanks! :)
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for sharing, man!