You Should Be Making Money By Month 6
Last Update: March 12, 2017

Hey, I see a lot of people not making money by this mark (I was one of them). If you're at the 6 month mark and aren't getting traffic and haven't made a single sale you need to switch up your strategy.

You need to be writing review posts or best of lists - all the time, I gurantee if you write reviews and best of posts for the next 3 to 6 months you will start making sales regurarly. At least half your post should be those two types of content.

Just to be clear you don't need to change niches or abandon your website at the 6 month mark but you'll need to change up your keyword and content strategy.

When you find a winning content strategy stick with it.

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craigrut Premium
Hi Dylan,

I just hit the six month mark about a week ago and am unfortunately in this category of not making a dime. I have recently transitioned to writing more review posts and have about 10 queued up to get them out the door.

Out of curiosity, I imagine my niche is wildly different than yours (cat care and toys and such), but do you have any specific formula you use for your review posts and best of posts?

I'm following a pretty generic 800-1000 word review process:
-Overview of my thoughts
-Best use
-Wrap up

At the moment though my general site traffic is too low to really see if anything is working. Do you have any specific recommendations on how I might improve on that recipe? PS - Happy to share a post if you'd be willing to take a look, but I don't want to be presumptuous.
dylanrieger Premium
Hey, how are you? In terms of best of posts I would make a best of post for every category here:

So best dry food for cats 2018, best cat trees 2018, best cat carrying case 2018, etc. Get at least 10 products for each category and a 3 word description and you should rank on page 1 for each
Googlmans Premium
Thanks, Dylan,

I not only need to change strategy but really need to get focused on this online business and increase the number of blogs I post.

brooksbode90 Premium
Thanks for that - helpful, Dylan.
Marcus1978 Premium
I agree.
halinphilly Premium
I'm going for the long game. Admittedly, I have taken an unintended hiatus, but i shall return with a renewed focus and strategy. I already have the foundation laid out. Just a few more tweaks...
kasage00 Premium
I haven't made any money either and I've hit the 6 month mark a little while ago. I made a few dollars with Google Adsense but that's about it.
dylanrieger Premium
What's your niche?
kasage00 Premium
It's on travel, specializing in horseback riding vacation.