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Last Update: July 14, 2019

Hey, I've had a few people ask how the MMO site is going and thought I'd just do a post showing progress and what I've learned.

So Mid December I began the site and basically just reviewed courses from Clickbank and Warrior Plus. I did this until April and literally got ZERO traction.

When a new product drops on those platforms everyone reviews them. When you're a new site you won't rank reviewing those products.

I decided to switch to MLM's in early April and traffic went up very quickly after that. Here's what it looked like

Right now I'm around 200 to 250 visitors a day. I'm getting referrals about everyday now and getting sales too. I think I made $150 this month. I believe I wrote about 120 posts

This isn't that good for 8 months of work but it is good for 3 and half months of work which it essentially is.

So my advice is if you're just entering the MMO niche stay away from Clickbank and Warrior plus.

I would stick to MLM's, survey sites, and tools/courses that aren't on Clickbank or Warrior Plus.

My goal now is to hit 1,000 visitors a day. From everything I've seen you make around $2000 to $3000 a month when that happens.

I'd really like to get this site to 5k a month eventually. I have a writer working on it full time and I am now too. So I'll be putting out 40 posts a month.

Once I start making a couple thousand a month I'll leave the site to my writer and start building Amazon/best of sites again.

My ultimate goal is to build a bunch of amazon sites in the next 3 to 5 years with Filipino writers.

I hope this post helps some people and if you have questions just leave a comment and I'll answer them.

If you're interested in reviewing MLM's here's some resources to help you (there's literally thousands):

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Interesting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.
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Thanks for the info.
Darren :)
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Thanks for sharing, Dylan. I always appreciate your insights as they have been very helpful on this WA journey to success.
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Thanks Dylan, interesting.
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Thanks for the information.