Over 2k a month in 6 months

Last Update: Dec 1, 2017


Alright, November is over and it far exceeded my expectations. In the beginning of October I wrote on a piece of paper what I thought I would earn each month in the next 6 months. For November I put $800 as worst case scenario and $1000 as best case scenario.

To my surprise I made over $2,000 and earned around $2300 from Amazon's affiliate program from the website I started back in early June. That came from 700 sales and I had around 25,000 unique visitors too.

I put $2,000 for December and hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised at the end of December too.

I have a very specific keyword strategy I use (best of list with the year) and it's worked really well for me. I've struggled to make money before from Affiliate marketing and I will be creating a full training here at WA that covers everything from niche selection, keyword research, content and optimization very soon to help anyone having issues(probably in the next month or two I'll have that ready).

I've written about my strategy a lot in my blog posts and if you want the jist of it you can read these two blog posts:



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That's heartening to know this can be done Dylan!


That is so cool Dylan, I"m very impressed, and thanks for posting this motivates me while I'm getting my site/business running. Keep that money train running.

Haha thanks and you too!

I'm in the wrong niche Dylan! LOL

Congratulations to you!!!

I will probably not bother with my Nov update.

It took me a couple years to learn all this stuff. If you made anything in your first year that's more than I did. This website is only 6 months old but I've been trying for years!

Still amazing for six months!

Fantastic, Way to blow past your goal. Keep up the great work.

Wishing You Much Success,



Wow, that's insane! Will be looking out for your training :)

Thanks and I'll make sure to send over when it's done

That is awesome, Dylan. Looking forward to the training.


Wow! great achievement!

An inspiration to me to keep going

Thank you for posting this!!

No problem!

Wow! Congratulations!

This post of yours is worth bookmarking so I can return and learn more from your strategies.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot!

Awesome!!!! I love to learn from people like you.
Please send the link of your website let me see how it looks like

There's a lot hungry affiliates here so I don't really like sharing my website in the open here. I use a free theme and it's nothing special looking. Understanding the principles of how I did it is most important and you can learn those principles by reading the two posts I linked to at the bottom.

Ok thanks

Congrats! Very inspiring accomplishments. I'll be awaiting your training for how you did it. I am very interested indeed. :)

Thanks and I'll try to get that training out sooner than later.

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