How I Made It To Vegas In My First Year (And How You Can Too)

Last Update: Feb 22, 2020


Just got back from Vegas and had a great time. Everyone is as friendly as you'd imagine and Kyle/Carson is as forward thinking as you'd expect (big things coming this year).

Besides drinking a little too much one night and missing a day of meetings (hangovers just get worst the older you get) everything was pretty much perfect.

One thing I noticed from talking to everyone is everyone has their own little strategy of how they got here.

Some people blog, others use YouTube (and Tik Tok) and others got their fast and others are playing a longer game.

All good strategies because they get results.

In this post I just want to share what I think are winning and losing strategies when it comes to promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Let's start with the bad:

Bad Strategies

I think the worst two strategies for promoting Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • Copying another website's keywords
  • Only reviewing Clickbank and Warrior Plus products

I noticed after I gave some hints with what I do with my site a few people just started copying the keywords I do. Like I would post, then they would post a couple days later the same thing.

I've tried this and it just doesn't work and here's why:

Google is a pretty big mystery but there's a couple things I'm sure on. The first is the earlier you write a review the better rankings you get and the second is authority matters.

So if you write a keyword someone else wrote you're not guaranteed to get the same rankings.

Also, with someone like me I have a writer and I write every day. Almost everyday single person gets a majority of their traffic from about 20% of their content.

So if you're just writing once a day and copying my keywords chances are you're going to miss the big ones that get me a lot of traffic (unless you can write two 2,000 word posts a day).

It's better to find out where people are getting their keywords so you can be the first to review courses.

And ranking for Warrior Plus and Clickbank products is almost impossible if you're new. Everyone knows about these keywords and there's literally up to 10 pages of results a couple hours after a course drops.

There's a lot of opportunity, though, so don't worry if that's what you were doing or only know how to do.

My Story

Before I get into make money at home keywords, I just want to share my results.

I started with my make money at home site in January 2019 with zero posts and zero traffic. I was inspired by other member's success so I went after it.

The first 4 months I didn't have a writer and only focused on reviewing Clickbank and WarriorPlus products.

Below was my traffic:

I was averaging 10 people a day from Google.

And this was after about 100 posts.

I was frustrated but determined so I reworked my keyword strategy and started thinking outside of the box.

Instead of Clickbank and Warrior Plus products I focused solely on MLM and Ponzi schemes.

Here's my results 7 months later:

I was getting well over 3,000 organic traffic a day.

I probably wrote 150 posts in this time and in October alone I got nearly 2,000 stater sign ups.

It's ALL in your strategy. Nothing changed between the first 4 months and the next 7 besides the kind of keywords I targeted and thinking a little out of the box.

Now my conversion rate is low (2%) and if I had the typical 12% conversion rate I'd be making $30,000 a month (I'm not even close to that).

So in 2020 I'm going to branch past MLM's and try different keywords.

Below is some different keywords and categories of products you can target this year to get good traffic and maybe even make it to Vegas in your first year.

Different Keywords To Target

Standard Ones:

These include well-known MLM's, survey sites, well-known affiliate marketing sites, reward sites, GPT sites, Get paid to click sites, etc.

These are more competitive but if you hit on a good one before others you'll get traffic.

I've only really found success reviewing MLM's out of all these options, though.

Other Internet Marketing Courses Beyond Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing to me is an easy sell. No stock, no dealing with returns, no customer service, and you can get traffic for free.

Other ways of making money aren't like this. Some of these money making methods include Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Local Lead generation, SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency), etc.

All of these methods require THOUSNADS to get started with.

You can very easily review different courses in each of those categories (there're thousands when you combine them all) and recommend affiliate marketing instead.

I've tested these courses out this year and have gotten good traffic so far and leads from them (probably around 80 clicks a day from 20 reviews).

Various Crypto Opportunities

Investing in crypto has grown past just buying Bitcoin or other coins.

There's a wide range of scams that are targeting people with crypto.

Most of the ponzi schemes I review have to do with crypto. Basically you invest a certain amount of Bitcoin, a company says they have some secret trading bot or algorithm that will give them daily returns (doesn't exist) and there's always recruitment tied to these opportunities where you get paid to bring people in (true source of revenue).

There're hundreds of these exact opportunities around that are illegal and will eventually collapse.

You can get good traffic from reviewing them.

Also, there's survey sties and GPT (get paid to) sites that pay out in crypto. They're exactly like other survey sites that many people in Wealthy Affiliate review but only deal with crypto. Almost no one in Wealthy Affiliate is reviewing these programs.

Here's a good site where you can find thousands of them:

That is a site that started a little over a year ago and gets like half a million clicks a month.

There are other ways to make money with crypto that you can explore in the site above too.

Again, Wealthy Affiliate is a good product to offer these people and they might not even know about affiliate marketing yet.


A lot of people are making money on YouTube and there's people at Wealthy Affiliate who basically made it to Vegas because of YouTube.

Below is a channel that's outside of Wealthy Affiliate that started about a year ago that almost has 1,000,000 views:

This is a channel from a pretty experienced marketer (he has another channel and his name is Aaron Chen). This new channel, however, just reviews survey sites and Get Paid To sites and there's only 130 videos.

Getting a million views for that is good and would be equal to getting around 83,000 views a month with a make money at home site.

Instagram Retargeting Ads (And Other Ads)

Lastly, there's Instagram retargeting ads.

Just sign up with an Instagram account that's connected with either Google or Facebook.

Eventually you'll get a lot of retargeting ads from internet marketers.

I just checked my phone and had these 3 ads show up right away:

These courses are fresh and new which is the most important thing to look for when reviewing something.

Instead of Clickbank and Warriorplus I would look more for these kinds of courses to review.

You can also find these kinds of ads on YouTube, Facebook and any other social media platforms (just turn off your ad blocker).

There's So Much Opportunity

I've seen some people say review sites for Wealthy Affiliate don't work anymore but that's not true.

I went from basically zero traffic to well over 3,000 organic traffic a day in about 7 months. So you can still get monster traffic numbers pretty fast in the make money at home niche.

You just have to think outside of the box and use a strategy that works in 2020.

You're not going to rank for Warrior Plus and Clickbank products in 2020 with a new site.

You're just not.

Many of the main survey sites won't get rankings either and that's fine.

There're more things to review in this niche than one person could probably do. There's more than a website with 10 writers could possible do in a year.

Just realize it's 2020 and not 2012. How people market courses has changed and where to find good courses to review has changed as well.

Hope this helps and I hope if you're reading this you take action and reach your goals this year!

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Hi Dylan. Firstly congratulations on your successes in the Money Making side of affiliate marketing. It just goes to show what can happen if we don't give up.
Secondly, thank you for letting us know what does and doesn't work. I just joined clickbank and was about to review their products. I will now work on a better strategy.
Thirdly, did you use a company such as Upwork or Fiverr to find your writer? Thanks. Jim

Great post Dylan, haven't been spending as much time here as before so I missed this one. Just today have decided to re-kindle my MMO website after doing nothing on it for about 5 years.

Traffic is sitting at 1-2 a day LOL. Time to ramp it up. Thanks for the great insights, hopefully I can get it producing traffic and sales.


Let me know if you need help and I'll push you in the right direction

Dylan, it was so great to meet you this year and I'm looking forward to next year already. Thanks for your help hiring a writer as well, it was in important part of my business growth last year and certainly helped push me beyond 300 referrals :-)

You're a huge help and inspiration to the all of us here and can't wait to hang out next year (I'll pass on the hangover though, LOL).

Haha yeah I'll probably pass on the hangover as well. And it was good meeting you too man!

It was truly nice to meet you in Vegas Dylan!! I always knew you could it in a year... or as you said 11 months! So although I didn't recognize you right away, it was a "of course" when you said I'm Dylan. It always takes me a sec the first time meeting people in real life after seeing them online. Lol

It's great what you've done with this post... The info you've given, I would have kept some of that to myself. LOL

You're a true inspiration to all of us. :)

All the best for 2020 and can't wait for next year!

Thanks Grace.. I should probably update my profile pic - most people didn't recognize me lol.

It was great meeting you.

And you're an inspiration as well. What you've been able to do on Youtube and Tik Tok is crazy.

Hopefully things keep growing the way they have been!

Can't wait to meet again in 2021!

Thanks Dylan, yeah it's been a crazy ride with that combo. I hope to continue to grow like that!

I have to get writers on my blog again before it goes completely dead. It's still bringing me referrals which is amazing but yes, doesn't compare to what I get from the other two sources.

It's going to be an interesting year, can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Yes can't wait to meet again!

Dylan is truly generous with the info and strategies, without a doubt, he's one of those rare people who don't have scarcity mentality and that's amazing. I'm sure it's part of the reason why he's so successful as well.

Absolutely, he's a gem here in WA. :)

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