Accidently Making Money With Adsense

Last Update: Oct 18, 2019


Hey, this is going to be a quick one.

I signed up for Adsense in early September and I put it on my site for verification.

I was under the impression that you have to manually put the ads in place and do all this stuff. I completely forgot about it.

It turns out it's been running on my site this whole time and I haven't seen it because I have adblocker on (I guess ads go up automatically).

The revenue looks to be in the $500 per month range too!

I never thought much about Adsense but it seems like a really, really easy way to earn extra money.

I believe the first goal you should have is to make enough to hire a writer (you can hire an oversees full time writer for about $500 a month).

Adsense can definitely help you there. There's really nothing you have to do besides putting the code in your header (I think, I don't really remember what I did).

Hopefully there's a way to optimize these ads as well to earn more.

So if you're thinking about putting adsense on your site I say go for it!

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Yeah, you now have a code called auto AdSense that you enable in the header and Adsense decides where to place the ads and how many on your site. I just wish I had your traffic at this point I could use another writer LOL.

Great blog, thanks for sharing!
Do you need to wait for your website to have some good traffic before you sign up for it?

Traffic no but it has to be at least 6 months old with 30+ post, 20 of which should be within the last 60 days.

I believe so.. you can sign up and check though

Thanks for this info, Yuma

Great information. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

Great post Dylan. Gotta try it.

Thanks Joe

That’s awesome Dylan!! Without even trying.

I haven’t been able to figure out Adsense. I tried to add it a few months ago and they told me my website wasn’t ready for it.

So, I decided to wait a little bit before putting it on my website. But, I do have a Blogspot account with Google that has about $1.56 from about 15 years ago.

I think in about a month or so, I’ll try again.

Sounds like a good idea!

Great post and Adsense is a brilliant way to earn money literally while you sleep and do nothing effectively.

Its related to the content you put on your site in part and so the ads appear accordingly.

Like you I have been running my adsense for a while now and it builds up into a healthy amount, which is obviously dependent on the work and content you put on your blog.

Just by way of a further tit bit if you like, a few years ago I affiliated with an adsense type, but not endorsed by Google, affiliiate venture, which did extremely well for me, certainly hitting the 5 figure mark in earnings.

Just to put a further bit of meat on the bone as well in rleation to your post. When it comes to affiliate ventures, everyone immediately gravitates to the MMO niche, when the solution to earning money online is right in front of our faces, literaslly every day, that we are on facebook, YouTube, Google, Pinterest...


Thanks for sharing a great post though.

Thanks Dylan. Good to know. Tom


If you are making money with Adsense does this not take
visitors AWAY from the main focus of what is on your
website? In reality, stealing away commissions?

I mean if someone clicks on an advertisement that Adsense
has placed on your website they are redirected to the
other website, right?

That takes them away from your website where it is possible
for you to make commissions on the product you are
promoting. Would it not be better to keep your visitors on
your website?

Just asking and thank you,

I don't really think so. I'm very aggressive in promoting my affiliate offer. I think the people who click the ads would have left anyway. I see it more as monetizing people that were going to leave.

Hi Susan, it's a mixed bag. Adsense does distract on one hand, but the users who aren't really interested in your content tend to be the ones who click on the ads.

There are ad networks which pay more like mediavine and are very much worth putting up on your site, but if your content is good, then it will keep the right people on your site and not clicking on the ads.

Thank you for responding I never looked at it from that
point of view. Great to know!

Your opinion means everything to me. I am going to
give Adsense a try, but if I qualify for mediavine would
prefer to use them instead.

Thank you ever so much,

If it helps further Susan, Adsense is no different to having affiliate links on your website in content form, its what is taight in the training here and 1 way we earn money from our blogs, if that helps further

You got it :)


Thanks just added Adsense to my niche site ::))


Sign up for Mediavine as soon as your site hits 25,000 sessions/month. The RPM I'm getting there is about $25. With AdSense, it was $10.

This is with a site in the make money online/personal finance/promoting WA niche.

I get about 100,000 sessions a month but a lot of it is global (south africa makes up 50% of the traffic) - Mediavine only wants American traffic (got denied from Mediavine).

Ah well, that's disappointing. Have you looked at alternatives like Monumetric or AdThrive?

Haha yeah I might try to sign up agan and just point out the posts getting traffic from South Africa and just tell them not to run ads on those posts.

And yeah I'll definitely look around. I literally just found out about the ads running on my site yesterday. I'm completely new to running ads and stuff like that.

Yeah, shop around for sure. AdSense is just about the worst ad network out there in terms of rates..

Useful to know Ian, thanks

Yeah I'll definitely look around

100,000 sessions/month is really amazing!

Is publishing good keyword researched content
is what you do to get this high traffic?

You are in a high competition niche, so have you
done any link building to achieve this high traffic
or it is due to publishing content consistently?

Just good keyword research and traffic from Google. I focus on MLM's for the most part. There's a million of them. I don't do link building or anything like that.

One post does make up a lot of that traffic, however. I'd say 2000 clicks a day come from one post and 1,000 from all the others combined.

Some posts just hit better than others.

Really appreciate your Dylan, thank you so much :)

Do you use Jaaxy for KW research or any other

When jaaxy shows only

Wow that’s pretty nice! Congrats!

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