2 Years At Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: December 18, 2017

Just got a notice I've been at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 year which is pretty crazy.

Here's what I've learned and gone through:

When I started 2 years ago I've never heard of affiliate marketing, seo, keywords and never really thought how Goggle worked before.

I started a health website that went nowhere. I kept with it for a year and just couldn't gain traction. I think I made one sale in 12 months. Not good lol

Then I came across a post that changed things around for me:


Basically this guy said he got a lot of traffic from finding keywords with the year in them. So best lawnmowers 2017 would be easy to rank for, converts at a high rate and gets a lot of traffic.

My Second Website - Fast Results And A Faster Fall

After I read this article I started researching other websites and people were making a killing using this strategy of using the year in their best of lists. I gave up on my first website and started a new sports website.

The only problem was I started in August. It takes about 5 months to see results. If I made best of lists with 2016 in them they'd show up in December when the year would turn to 2017.

So I held off until September and got the idea to write best of lists for winter sports with 2016-2017 in the title. I figured winter sports spill into the new year and I could get credit for both and I was right.

From September to mid November I focused on best of lists for winter sports here was my results:

Month 1 in August: $1 earned

Month 2 in September - $20 earned

Month 3 in October - $60 earned

Month 4 November - $120 earned

Month 5 in December - $1350 earned

Month 6 in January - $2360 earned

Month 7 in February - $1800 earned

So as you can see things just kind of took off.

From Mid November all the way to March I focused on keywords with 2017 in them.

I wrote 3 times the amount of content and I was fully expecting to hit around $5000 a month by summer and $10,000 by winter

And then it happened.. Goggle Fred Update in March

Here's what happened:

I only had best of lists with affiliate links in them. No other content and the best of lists were around 1800 words for 12 affiliate links.

That doesn't look good to Goggle. Their Fred update targeted websites like mine. They didn't it like it when you put revenue ahead of user experience and according to their algorithm that's what I was doing.

I lost all my ranking and my earnings quickly dropped to around $200 per month.

Lesson Learned - Third Website Up And Running

I decided to start over instead of trying to save the website. I sold it on Flippa for $2000 and used that money to start a new sports website.

So around May I started writing extremely long best of lists for winter sports (so 2017-2018 keywords). My content is around 5,000 words to 8,000 words now and I outsourced a bunch of non-affiliate content too. So half my content is best of lists and the other half is "how to" content.

So that's where I'm at. I wrote a TON of content that should make money this fall and winter. I left myself a lot of time this year so I don't get penalized and I have probably double the amount of content this time around than I did last year.

My keywords are sitting in nice spots right now and are only going to go up.

I'm expecting this winter to be more than last winter and I'm hoping to be over 5K by next summer. I think I'll truly get a full time business this time. I'm confident and I know what I'm doing.


My website is doing better than I could have hoped for. For December, which is the 7 month, it looks like I'll be around 5K for the month.

If you want to copy my strategy I highly recommend that you do, especially right now. Start researching 2018 keywords and create lengthy best of lists (around 250 to 400 words per product). So if you're doing 13 best lawnmowers 2018 your post should be around 4,000 words. You'll want a short 600 to 800 word buyer guide too.

You can learn more about the strategy here:


Sign up for the training there, it's free.

If you have ANY questions please let me know and I'll help out. I've learned so much this last year and I'm eager to help!

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TeresaS1 Premium
Thanks! Congrats. Good luck to your success!
dylanrieger Premium
Same to you!
TheDummyOfWA Premium
That is awesome! Way to go, and congrats on the two year anniversary here at WA! :)
dylanrieger Premium
RHBarlow Premium
You have done very well and that is encouraging .
dylanrieger Premium
Thanks I hope to do better in the future!
MKearns Premium
Awesome what you've done at SEM rush Dylan! Saving this!
dylanrieger Premium
GiuliaB Premium
I'll definitely look into the links you've advised, Dyla. First of all, you may feel you've stumbled, but I take my hat off to you for making what I call substantial earnings. And for reinventing yourself three times over!
I've been here nearly 18 months, where I started seeing small earnings since last autumn till this June. Since then, nothing. But I'm also aware that I'm not producing nor marketing half as much as I should.
My new short term goal is to be able to write a two year post next March, where I can tell my successful story as you just did today. Well done!!!

dylanrieger Premium
Definitely check out the bottom link and sign up for the free training. That guys makes 200k a year being an Amazon affiliate doing exactly what we do.

I'm not really discouraged either. I'm pretty sure I know what Google wants and how to avoid penalties from here on out. It took failing a few times but I think I got it this time around.

What niche are you in if you don't mind me asking?