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May 01, 2018
Course 2 Done!Hello Folks!At last, just finished the 2nd of 5. LOL! at this rate it'll be 2020 by the time I'm finished Course 5. Still, it's better to have finished than not to have started.What Was Difficult?Blog post research, seemed to have taken forever. I'm sure there's a better way of researching for a blog post that almost makes the post write itself but I've yet to discover that.What's Been Done?3 blog entries - each containing a video and 2 recipes (Google has found 2 of them due to G
March 31, 2018
Goodness but that took some time to do! But it's done, I am now the proud owner of a dot net domain (the dot com is occupied by a 'parked' domain - which is annoying but can't be helped). At least the domain is short (2 words, 8 letters) which helps those who type domains directly into their browsers.So, now I'm into the realm of building out the site with visuals and proper email addresses etc. and diving deep into keywords etc.Looking forward to finishing this course so I have a website with
March 21, 2018
This post is where I'll be leaving my entries about my Certification story. I intend to update it once I have completed each Course level otherwise it'll get very large and unwieldy. So, please expect this blog entry to be updated 10 times in total. Today's date is Wednesday 21st March 2018 and it's the date of my online business rebirth. I can't wait to become an adult in this world!I'll update as soon as I can
March 21, 2018
I've left this online community for too long and I have lost sight of what to do and how to do it so I have decided to restart my Green Certification (I was just about to start Course 3) and take it up to the end of Course 5.Let's see where this journey goes - I'll blog as I go.
March 15, 2018
"All That Glitters Is Not Gold"So wrote someone way back when and how true it is!Hello Folks!Yes, I'm back after a fruitless (as usual) case of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome). About the only positive thing to say is that, at least it's out of my system.So, where am I? When I had my break I was in the middle of the 1st month of the Super Affiliate Program and now I'm soooo far behind I think I can see my a$$ in the distance!I have to get my poop back together and run like Forrest to get back on tra
February 26, 2018
Humble apologies dear readers but I've been neglecting my WA blog. Nothing to really report at the moment but I hope to have somehting to talk about at the end of the month (i.e. Wednesday/Thursday)Speak soon
February 11, 2018
Hello allWell, it's time to start this month's training into becoming a super affiliate for WA and there's a mountain to climb!Kyle has given us 1 month's training in one block, which, although it looks overwhelming at the first glance, broken down into components it doesn't seem too bad.We've got 14 separate targets to hit, from choosing our theme for our websites through to writing 12+, 1000 word+ articles plus spending time in WA chat helping others and writing blogs etc.So far, I have:Bough
February 09, 2018
As I've just been sitting here, rotating aimlessly between WA classrooms and my Affiliate website, an epiphany happened - almost like a lightening strike! I caught myself saying to myself (some of the best conversations ever take place there):"It's not the title of the blog you search for, it's the content of that blog!"Ker-freakin'-pow!It didn't occur to me until just now that the phrase I'd been searching for was the title of a post (or page) and NOT the title of the new, niche website.Isn't
February 08, 2018
Hello AllJust a quick one today. A brief update on the Niche Site and its statusWell, I am flubbergusseted to be honest! Having done my posting to my G+ account (an account that is in no circles/ no community) and having done Fetch As Google - I'm #1!Yes, you read that right - my QSR puts one of my posts at #1 position ! I've just checked Jaxxy to see how many people I can expect to come pouring through my website for the keyword phrase I rank for and....It's.....Wait for it....Less than 10 :-(
February 06, 2018
Humble apologies dear readers for being so late with this but a healthy dose of Real Life prevented me from accessing my computer - so, where are we?I now have 3 blog posts published complete with images, affiliate links and a little inter-post linkage.I've tried to put myself into my visitors shoes and really thought about what they want as and when they visit me. I believe that they are, obviously, looking for portion control plates but they could also be interested in bowls, spoons and just