Google Adsense Earnings £3,778.22 !

Last Update: Oct 18, 2018

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Just logged in to my little Google Adsense App. I started using Google Ads on my websites in 2005. I used to run a forum and was getting lots of traffic. In 2010 I was up to nearly £200 per month!

Things have gone slowly downhill since then as Google has squeezed independent small sites in favour of big corporations and directories, but I still get a trickle of income from them.

At the end of the day, it’s another income stream, and they all add up. I hope it inspires others that it can be done. ;-)


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Hi Dave!

Your post is spot on!

I created my first Easy-Moneys make money online website in September 2016.

I placed the Google Adsense code into the Upper Right Column Widget area because it was:
1. "Above the Fold" (Google it) and the 1st thing the eye goes to
2. It's visible as complementary ADS to the Make Money Online
Niche automatically!
3. I personally do not like "Pop-Up Adsense Ads within website articels that I am reading (especially annoting on Mobile) so why would I do that to my followers?
4. Alternate Website Ad Companies like:
MEDIAVINE take a huge amount of traffic right at the beginning but Google Adsense likes Wealthy Affiliate sites for many reasons so I had mt Google Adsense up and running as soon as I got my Doodle Adsense Code installed on the Website
5. I went ahead and repeated the process with the same Google Adsense Code for all of my WA Websites (I have 50)....the SiteRubix Websites are usually Amazon and Digital Products and Educational Websites....the "Dot Com" Websites are my Make Money Online Niche Websites which are complementary to each other so that I can refer to my own other websites via External Links as Reference or Influencer or Coaching/Training !

That's how my Google Adsense works for me!

Wonderful Reminder!

Barb of Easy-Moneys

Thanks for following me. More success at WA.




Thanks. I wish i could get back to 2010 levels. I have a couple of really high value keywords up my sleeve :-)

This is amazing. I heard that google adsense was a waste of time and I never fully set it up after running into technical difficulties on googles end. It seems as though it is important?

Great stuff Dave

Hey my man , this is Awesome ... i have just been confirmed by google ad sense a swell and i am seeing ads appearing on my posts, i hope at some point i will be there also.

Keep plugging away mystyle. You’ll get there :-)

I just signed up the other day. Hope I have anything close to your results. Would like to know your niche if you don't mind. You can PM it to me.

It wasn’t all the same niche, it’s accumulated from many websites over many years. I wish I could remember it all!


Very encouraging indeed. Thanks

Hey Dave,

Thats a free Vacation at the end of the year.

I know others that are making much more. So yeah it's a good stream.

- Glen B

Thanks Glen, I think i’m due a £60 check next month!

Great every penny helps. You're Premium is covered this month.. lol

- Glen B

True that they all add up! I just started using Adsense about a month ago and have got only a couple of dollars. It is still early though!

Keep going Montana! I think they just got sick of me ;-)

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