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May 03, 2019
IN THE BEGINNINGI was looking for a way to create a revenue stream from the Internet. I had no idea how to do it. I began searching through website after website that promised fast cash or wealth beyond limits or earn a full time income with a part-time job through marketing online. Well, like most of you al, and perhaps everyone else dipping into this realm, I fell victim to scam after scam. I purchased things that made big promises and received little or no results or help. It was a frustr
April 08, 2019
So I have bult up my first website. It is very basic and the appearance is rather "bush-league." I have one post on it. Unfortunately, either the theme or the page build-up has put the post under a title header so it shows on the page as "UNCATAGORIZED". I would sure like to add an image to the site and delete that header of uncatagorized. Do I have to change the theme to get a nice background on it or can I just insert a picture and can I delete the header of uncatagorized? Sure could use
April 02, 2019
Discovering America through wilderness treks is a passion. It is one way to get in touch with your inner being and find the peace and meaning of one's life. Getting out into nature is a must for every soul needing to relax and discover the wonders around them.