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Joined July 2021
Hi I have joined Wealthy Affiliate recently and am still on learning stages.
I have 3 Daughters ( third being the new addition just 4 weeks ago). I love my family and friends.
I believe in loyalty in whatever I do. My main hobbies are hanging out with friends, reading; although now with 3 children it’s like a dream lol, and also my love for cleaning.
I just hope to learn and build from here for a experience that is totally new to me and also want to develop financially.
I look forward to interacting with members on this platform and hopefully be successful in building relations as a community.
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TheCatherine Premium Plus
Hello and Wealthy Affiliate, you have made a wise decision to join this awesome community. You can certainly earn as much money as you will ever want. However it is not a get rich quick scheme. The efficacy of those systems is long gone. Today you have to work for your success. Fortunately this program gives you all the tools you will ever need.

The first thing you need to do is choose a niche You will find the writing easier if it is something you are either passionate about, or something you are passionate about. Trust me IN 1996 I wrote 40,000 words on acne. i still can't bear to even think about that.

Start here if you want to know if your niche is profitable try this resource .I wrote this because not all niches are equally profitable. you don't want to find six months down the line the can only earn pennies on the dollar. Don't forget to ask this awesome community when you get stuck. I have been here long enough to know that everyone who takes action succeeds. Again welcome and good luck.

kind regards Catherine
DivineGood Premium
Hello Mehwish,

Welcome to WA and we are so glad
and grateful to have you with us.

Congratulations on being a premium

May I suggest just follow your training
and never be embarrassed to ask
questions as you need them.

No rush as this is not a race and at the
same time be more consistent, persistent,
and diligently attend to your tasks at hand.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

DuaFatima21 Premium
Thanks for the amazing message Elizabeth.. it means a lot. I’m just so new to all this I’m just needing some help into how to actually get the website created. I have ideas I just need to get on with it with help if you don’t mind doing so.
DivineGood Premium
Hello Mehwish,

You are most welcome and
yes do ask whenever you
need to.

Remember all of us here
started where you are right
now and so don't hesitate
to ask.

Everything is in the training
and just take your time and
sometimes it can overwhelm
you but take it slowly.

We are here for you,

God bless you Mehwish.

IamTracy Premium
Hi and welcome to WA Premium and a wonderful, supportive community Wishing you every success in all that you do. Enjoy the learning and the journey to the life you want to live :)

Tracy :)
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hello, pleased to meet you and congratulations on becoming a premium.

Please follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons. How to make money online video by Kyle As you go along the coursework, ask as many questions as you like to get clarifications, mark your question as community and someone will always be here to answer your inquiries. You can also blog your questions, that's the Pencil, top menu, choose Blog at WA. I believe there's a limit to blogging on the WA blog roll for the first three months.

Again you may like to post about why you chose WA, how you come about your niche, what are your goals for this week and the following, aspirations, etc.

Remember the WA community is no judgement. It is an open discussion. We help each other, we were all at one point where you are right now.

Welcome to WA..

Best wishes

Abie & AJ
j52powell Premium
Congratulations on your move to premium. The benefits and services are great and there are many talented and helpful mentors for us here. I hope you progress quickly toward your goals. Good luck.