Can you have a different sidebar affiliate link per page?

Can you have a different sidebar affiliate link per page?

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I had someone ask me a question and I do not know the answer. They have affiliate links on the sidebar of their WP pages but they want to have a new and different link on the s

You received some pretty good answers and I even learned something and thank you for your question...
Linda :)

Very good information, especially about Page Builder and the workarounds it provides.

I agree

Some WP themes have the option to create a sidebar widget and then assign it to any page you like. However, I personally know of only one theme that would allow that ("Enfold", premium theme, not cheap) but I'm sure there are plenty of them out there.

You can use Pagebuilder instead of the theme's template with a sidebar. With Pagebuilder, you add a row and select to make 2 columns. Then split it up like 80% and 20%, and you have a sidebar. I do that on my pages so I can put specific banners or ads in the 'sidebar' that relate to the subject of the page. Check out my site (under my profile), that will give you an idea.

Thanks for the information. Dave

Interesting question and useful answers! Thanks for asking, I was thinking about that, too.


Yes, Dave. The plugin is called Display Widgets. You can put any widget on any page independent of all the others.

thanks Barry

Good questions and thanks for the answers below as well. Good to know.

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. Keep in touch. Dave.

Dave, there is a paid tool called Thrive Clever Widgets that I use on my Affiliate Marketing for Retirees website. I also wrote a review there.

thanks Tom

I was thinking about a plugin but I couldn't remember the name.
I think it's the same one that KatieMac send you.
There was a post about this some time ago. If I find it back I will keep you updated :)

Yes, I looked for a post or training and I did not find any. I may have not used the right wording in the question box to bring up a post. Thanks Angel.

have a look at this plugin might do the job

Thanks Katie, I will pass it on to them. It looks like it should solve the problem. Have a great rest of the weekend. Dave.

Please, note, this supports WP up to 4.3.3, if you're keeping your WP up to date the recent version is 4.4.2. This plugin may cause problems with incompatibility! Be careful!

Good to know. Thanks. Dave.

good advice William did mean to say try it out on a practice site so hope everyone has one of these saves a lot of heartache lol

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Who has a facebook business fan page?

Who has a facebook business fan page?

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Who here at WA has a facebook business fan page that they would be willing to let me take a look at? I am still new to FB and I would like to see examples before I build my ow

I have but it certainly needs an update.


Hi Kit,
I liked your page.

:) Dinh

Thanks, will do too...:-) I'm Senioren.


Here you go:

I blogged in the beginning about how we could all help one another by liking each other's pages, but I only got a few people to do so. C'mon friends let's try and help one another here.:) Also, I am a FB expert if anyone needs any help do let me know.

i liked your page and gave you some likes.

:) Dinh

Hi Arlene,
I looked at your page and gave some likes.

Here's mine:



Hi AffJac,
I looked at your page and gave some likes.


Hi battersea,
I liked your page back and gave you some likes too.
are you an affiliate with either virgin or ba? let me know as i have to book a flight and will probably use one of them.


Liked...I'm Senioren


Hello Dave
Take a look at mine...needs updating!

hi ian,
i liked your page and gave you some likes.
:) dinh

Thanks Dinh. Much appreciated

Hi Dave - Here is one of mine

I also have created training on creating a Facebook Business page that You can find on my profile page here at WA.

Let me know if this helps,


Tony I gave you some likes on your post ( already liked your page :))

Hi Tony,
I looked at your page and gave some likes.

Here's mine:



thanks Tony

Hi Dave,
I have a fb page but only started it recently. I am not sure if I am getting any traffic from it. I am finding that it's better to promote it in groups. I would appreciate a like on my page or some likes on my post :) It all helps for SEO and ranking.

Liked twice!


There isn't much to mine, but you can look at it.

Thanks for the link -- checked it out. I'm not there yet, but I will have to develop FB along the way. Ted

I gave you some likes.

Thank you.

I spend more time working on Pinterest than Facebook, but I want a presence in any case. There are more women on Pinterest and given my niche, it's more likely I'll appeal to them. Facebook is a little crazy at times, but I connect better with friends (longtime friends) on Facebook.


And liked back.

Thank buddy!



Hey Dave, I started one about a year ago, trying to get exposure for my inventions and ideas. It's been a rough ride, paying the lovely people at facebook to "boost" some of my posts. This would bring viewers and some"likers," only to have accumulated a real circus! FB won't let me share the posts with my 26 'friends' and I'm not a happy camper! If I pay $$, then I can share. They threw me into overdraft because they did some end of the year cleaning, didn't inform me and I'm completely done paying them another dime!!! Anyhow, it is called Vertical Sun. My name is Brad, Enjoy!


Hi Dave, here is mine to look at - hope this helps?


Hi Michael.
I liked your Fb page and gave you some likes.


Hi Dinh, thank you I have done the same on your FB page :)

Thanks so much Michael!

Liked & Liked!


You need a business account to do ads else you risk FB shutting you down.

Al my business fan pages are from my personal account.

You can search for "Dog Lovers World" in FB or

All the best, cheers!

Hi gerald,
i liked your page and gave you some likes.

:) Dinh

Thank you Dinh, I liked you page too, cheers!

thanks gerald

Essential Oils for Health
Hope this helps.

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Wordpress twenty sixteen h1 and h2 question?

Wordpress twenty sixteen h1 and h2 question?

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Does my WP twenty sixteen theme have the H1 coded into the title ?

And if so would that mean to use only H2 and below tags on the body?

Or should I again use an

Yep. Loes got it.

yes she did, thanks.

H1 = title
H2 = keywordphrase (only once)
H3-6 = headlines

thanks Loes

I have seen video by Matt Cutts laughing at attempts to emphasize keywords in any way, like bold or bigger letter. He says machines are clever enough to recognize what keyword is. So I never do anything of that.

yes, I agree

Hi, I use the Empo theme, and according to the style sheet you can
use h1 both in your pages and posts as well as your site title.
Below are some examples of both. I also customized h3-h6 and my site title.

/* #Typography
================================================== */
/* Headlines
--------------------------------------------- */
h1 {
margin:30px 0 20px;
font: normal 28pt/35pt 'helvetica', sans-serif;
h2 {
margin:26px 0 12px;
font: normal 20pt/35pt 'helvetica', sans-serif;

h1 {
color: #9b9b9b;
h2 {
color: #8b8b8b;

/* Header
--------------------------------------------- */
#site-title {
padding: 20px 0 0 0;
#site-title h1 {
margin: 0 10px 0 0;
font-size: 3.0em;
font-family: helvetica;
font-weight: normal;
color: #000000;
text-transform: capitalize;
display: block; float left: margin: 0 20px 10px 0;

Whether this affects my pages and posts I'm not sure, as Google Console says there have been no crawl errors in the last 90 days.

thanks a lot.

I am using 2016. The H1 is the Title, and I used H3 only in the post body. If I am using H4 the text become capital letters, even though, I typed it in small letters and I don't know why?
The outcome of H1 is actually looked bigger than my website Name.


I only use H2 and H3 in the body of my posts. I think H1 should be only for the title in all themes.


I don't use WP Twenty Sixteen but it is usual for H1 to be coded into the title of WordPress themes.

I use H2 and H3 tags in the body of my posts and pages.

And, I never use an H1 title at the beginning of a post as I believe it is incorrect to do so.


I have problems with hi and h2 because in a iPhone it Loioks so bad
So I have to use everything smaller

good point

Thank you for your question and I use H2 and it works.


Post titles are usually as large as h1 headers.. How does it look like in your theme?

It looks better with H1 in title and H2 elsewhere as needed. thanks

I have never understood this issue. I use 20-10 theme and my titles look small. If I use H1 later as subtitle in text it looks bigger than title. So I only use H2.

I think Loes has it right. See commets above.

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Does anyone know when the day ends at wa?

Does anyone know when the day ends at wa?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have been here less than 3 months so I can only post one blog per day. I find that I post a blog before midnight and then when I want to post a blog the next afternoon or ev

I think the submitted help questions count as blogs.

I do not think so because I did a blog today and then submitted this question. I did not have any trouble. Thanks for the discussion and comments. Dave.

Hello Dave and this id strange because I thought that we were able to post up to three blogs because u got the same message but had already posted three in my attempt to write my story first time I was saved !!!

I remember that night Paul. The difference is that you have been here at WA for more than 3 months. I have not. The restriction is only for the first 3 months at WA. This is also why you passed me in ranking and I could not catch up with you. LOL! Dave.

Wow fantastic job. I think time zones play a part in this. Perhaps if you post late in the day it is showing at WA as after midnight thus already the next day. Just a thought. Blessings

this may be true. Thanks, Dave

Good to know you can only post once a day, guess I don't post enough to know. Cheers!

It is only for the first 3 months at WA. After that the restriction does not apply. Dave.

I am in my 5th week, a way to go yet, cheers!

thanks gerald.

Thanks for the tip Dave I was getting ready to start posting some blogs here on WA and it would be more then one per day sometimes, so now I know what to expect.

If you try to publish another blog, it will tell you that for the first 3 months you can only post one blog per day. The good news is that it saves your blog so later on you can hit the save button and it will publish your blog. No data is lost. Dave.

PST. Vancouver/Victoria BC/west coast US 12 midnight
MST Rockies US/ 1AM
CST primarily Mississippi Valley US 2AM
EST East Coast US 3AM
Atlantic Standard Time 4AM New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/Newfoundland

must be every 24 hours?

This makes sense. What I do not understand is that I post a blog at 10;30 PM MST and then try to post a blog at 7:00 AM MST the next morning and it tells me that I can only post one blog per day. I then come back at 1:00 PM MST that afternoon and it accepts the blog. Dave.

thanks for the info. Dave.

Right, that is an hourly rolling snapshot.


I have noticed the WA clock is different than my EST too

yes, thanks

WA home is in BC Canada, Pacific time.
If you read this now, it is 9:20 PM there right now.
I am not sure if that is the WA clock though. I would assume it is provided that is where our server lives :-)

This is what I thought also. Once you hit midnight, it should be a different day but this is not the case. I then thought that maybe you can only blog every 24 hours regardless of what time it is but this is not true either. Dave.

So now I am really curious. It must rely on where the actual server is....and that could be anywhere...

It is my understanding that it is on the West coast of Canada so it is Pacific time. Dave.

That is a very good question when it comes to the Blog rule. I have no idea, my first response to the Blog title was, who knows, we all have different hrs. Lol