This acronym is known to many trainers. When designing a program it means knowing your customers problem and selling them the solution.

It means how and why what you have to sell matters to someone. What you have to sell has value to it. Because your customers have information overload you have to start with the end result and work your way back to the start.

To say it in a nutshell it means where is your customer hurting and how can you take that pain away---how you can fill the niche that you've chosen

That's why you need to know the benefits of what you're selling and how they can solve a problem---the benefits are what the customer gains from what you're selling. Not everyone has the same needs---so you need to know what your customer is looking for

What does this picture say to you? I've talked about this acronym for as many years as I can remember on my radio show and heard it used by a speaker at the Nat'l Speakers Assoc.(NSA)

When you're the customer, you do the same thing--you stay on this platform and you're will to pay the premium fee because the benefit is the training you get to build a successful internet Marketing business

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RDoren Premium
Heartfelt and wise advice. I struggle with my niche because it is a luxury niche and nobody really has a problem. I need to use romance and desire.
DShensky Premium
think outside the box to create the answer to a problem
ericpierre Premium
That's a two way question. Both, the seller and the customer want to have the best benefit.
Have a wonderful weekend.
AGOgden Premium
...the old adage STILL is the operative modus here: "The customer is always right!"
MKearns Premium
Think WIIFY. Then put yourself in the customer's shoes!
Leonmbarnes Premium
Thanks, I learned from this. Much appreciated.
salma33 Premium
very useful ..thank you DShensky
JMupanguri Premium
Thanks for sharing
paulgoodwin Premium
Great thinking ablout the customer!!!