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June 30, 2017
You may be overwhelmed with all the information (information overload), and wondering what this is all about or maybe you have already moved from simplicity over to Simplicity, which means you have mastered the concept of making money online. This means that, you can check me out. To help everyone in information overload to synthesize quickly and move into production in their own business(making money). I offer you this simplified secret formula. This formula may be embellished with extra pages
June 28, 2017
To: EveryoneTop of the Morning Tip June 28, 2017 The world is a Global village. In this global village in which we work and live, we tend to focus first on what we learn about business operations, financing, marketing strategies, productions, customer service, and so on. As community members of WA, within this Global village, we sometimes neglect the fact that, at their very core, communities and organizations are about people and the relationships they develop in working together. The p
WA Unanswered Questions Answered By David Lumsden Top of the Morning A paper submitted to CEO’s, Kyle & Carson, and the Community at WA for Ambassador of WA, Wealthy Affiliate June 27, 2017 Copyright©, June 27, 2017, by David Lumsden. All rights reserved. Unanswered Questions Answered Introduction The unanswered questions seem to lead from specific to umbrella (big picture) type of questions. The big picture question and the specific question seem to deal wit
June 26, 2017
Hello Everyone in our WA Community Top of the Morning Tip coming to you, Monday, June 26,2017.What I write may seem irrelevant at first but then, I hope to make it relevant to you.This morning wake up time was at 5:00 am. I had a real breakthrough in my research for which I am writing a paper for a doctoral academic community. It was a miracle. My thesis was changed by only one word, but that one word broke open the entire meaning of my study. Before this moment I hesitated to submit just anyth
Community Questions Reply to Kyle, WA by David Lumsden Submitted to CEOs, Kyle & Carson at WA for partial fulfillment of Ambassador membership June 22, 2017 Copyright © June 22,2017, by David Lumsden. All rights reserved. Introduction Four community questions have been left unanswered and need to be addressed. The purpose of this short paper
June 23, 2017
To the Community,Top of the Morning Tip coming to You.For years, I have known Dan Kennedy. He once said, " A buyer is a buyer, is a buyer, is a buyer." The point meaning that if a buyer buys from you once, the buyer will likely buy from you again. As we have all read from various sources various amounts on building profitable websites, One tip that comes to mind, whether for your first or next site is the following:Tip: Make it easy for Inquirers to buy.Best wishes in your web design for massi
You may want to interest your spouse, kids, or others in your business.Tip : Get them involveded. ex in playing the The Cash Flow game (Kiyosaki) to grow right-side quadrant thinkingWho else can you get involved in your business, today?DRL