Two Years and Making $50 a Month

Last Update: September 15, 2018

I started the WA training 2 years ago and I dn't regret it. I have spend quite some time working on my websites, especially in the second year, even thought I would have liked to dedicate more time to it. I was also working on a stressful full time job.

I am going to continue working on my sites the next year too because I see that this method works. Here is what I have learned during the last year:

  • Treat your website as a business. Kyle said this on his first live training, but I think that I didn't stress enough this lesson. I made the mistake of writing about my fauvorite topics on my website (sometimes without focusing on keywords) and I think I treated it more like "something I was trying" like Kyse said on this live training.
  • The niche is very important. This year a started a new website in a new niche and made money within the first month of starting it. I know that this is unbelievable but it happened to me. While I had been writting and writting new content on my old website. I know that Kyle says that you can succeed in every niche you are passionate about, but this wasn't true in my case. I am passionate about the productivity niche but there are so well established sites on this niche it makes very difficult to rank. Check which posts are getting more traffic on your site and redefine your niche to focus more on those topics.
  • Monitor your competition. Your competition are websites which are similar to yours, which probably do the same online marketing activities as you. You have to check the SERPs when you aim to rank for a keyword. Even though it has happened for a small site to outrank an authority one, it's unlikely.

I've started to make money from my blogs and I hope my earrnings are at least going to be steady and maybe even grow. You can accomplish a lot in a year.

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BREWSKI1973 Premium
This is some very helpful info, thank you for posting.
Best of luck
Memorylaneuk Premium
This is good advise and we all make our own way in the online world and at our own pace dependant on our circumstances. Wealthy Affiliate has all the answers. We just need to heed Kyles advice.
Wishing you more success in the coming year.
With Grace and Gratitude
Fleeky Premium Plus
Great advice... thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience...also congratulations on your better website
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Congrats! Good advice! I'm glad you're seeing results from your diligent work. :)
Loes Premium
Most studies are 4-year, and there is no other study that pays you, during that 4 years, $50 a month. Success with your websites:)