How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate the First Day that You Sign Up

Last Update: November 13, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you skills which you can use to immediately earn online.

Seoclerks is a jobs' marketplace specialized in digital marketing. Meaning that you can find all kinds of services related to internet marketing on Seoclerks.

If you have any skills related to internet marketing, anything you can complete in this field, you can list it as a gig on Seoclerks and other people can pay you to do that for them.

Seoclerks also has a section where people who need a job completed describe what they need and other members of the platform can offer to do the job and get paid. You can find this section at the right part of your screen when you are in the Seoclerks homepage.

Click on Jobs and you will find people who are searching to hire to get their jobs' completed.

For example, I found this one:

A very easy job to do.

You can apply for this job and maybe you will be selected to complete it.

And here it is another job listed there:

Maybe you don't know how to add an article creation button to a site.

And here is where Wealthy Affiliate comes to play. You can find any type of training on Wealthy Affiliate, and you can ask any question on the platform (as long as it is related to internet marketing) and you will receive a solution for every problem you might have.

You can even contact the owners of Wealthy Affiliate if the problem is so complicated that no member is able to give you a solution.

It just requires patience and you can little by little complete jobs' and earn money on Seoclerks, by finding solution to every problem.

This is another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is so great!

In the mean time, while you complete jobs' on Seoclerk and earn, you can develop a list of new skills that you have learned, problems you have solved for your clients.

And even this job, which if you don't know how to complete, you surely will find the answer on Wealthy Affiliate:

Take full advantage of your Wealthy Affiliate membership!

If you consider that the Wealthy Affiliate membership costs about $1 a day (something less if you have a yearly premium membership), you will need to justify your membership every day by making at least what you are spending for Wealthy Affiliate.

Then you can apply the jobs' you have completed for your customers to your own site, why not. If you today learned how to post a video on a Wordpress site, you can apply this to your own business too.

Better take this approach to completing the Wealthy Affiliate training and earn while you learn new skills. I mean learn the skills that people on Seoclerks require first, so that you can earn something today.

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It looks like you are trying to promote your affiliate link here which is against the rules. Not saying your information doesn't have value. It does although is a distraction from the core focus. Just saying the blogs here aren't meant for building your affiliate referral income.
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Interesting to note!

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These schemes are a diversion from the training concentrate on the training to get a sustainable online income