What I have Learned at Wealthy Affiliates in the last Month.

Last Update: November 15, 2021

I have been at Wealthy Affiliates for a month now. I have been going through the training on a daily basis taking breaks when needed. I have learned a lot and feel overwhelmed at times but I keep pushing through. I've learned about wordPress, Google Ad Sence, best way to create a keyword riche post, learned about google Analytics, creating posts for Pinterest which was fun and much more.

I am on Level 4 now and just finished doing the Pinterest posts and sharing my link. It seems Pinterest has updated its pins so it is done a little differently than what the training shows but i figured it out.

Wealthy Affiliates is a great learning platform for building a blog or website. This is my third time trying to start a food blog but I keep pushing foward and the training and help here at WA is Awesome!

Some sites like Pinterest and Google ad Sence has a step where it asks me to copy/paste a HTML tag into the Header on my wordpress site. Where would this be at on WordPress?

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Zoopie Premium
You can install a header and footer plug in from your dashboard in the back office of your website. This is probably the easiest way, If you need help , let me know.

Newme202 Premium
Well done on all your achievements so far Cindy
Awesome connecting with you
You are certainly enjoying your journey, as you should ;)

Keep pressing and pushing
Keep being consistent
You will definitely reap the benefits of your hard work

You can copy and paste your HTML code in the miscellaneous aspect of your AIOSEO
Log into the back office of your website

Click dashboard and scroll to AIOSEO plugin
Click general settings
And then webmasters tool
Scroll to miscellaneous
Put your code in and click save or update

I hope this helps
Wishing lots of more success on your journey
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Well done with your progress, Cindy. That's great.

There are various ways to insert HTML code in the Header of a WordPress site. It could depend on the theme you are using.
I use Generate Press Premium theme and the HTML code can be inserted using Elements. This may not apply to the basic GP theme.

It can be done with the Ad Inserter plugin.

I recommend that you ask that question by clicking on Help at top of the WA website. By doing that you can expect to receive a reply from a member with more authority regarding WordPress.

I hope that helps.
dreamgirl21 Premium
Thank you ValarieJoy
I’ll do that.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Excellent progress so far, Cindy! Maybe the THIRD time is the charm for your Food Blog!

Jeff 😎👍👍
MelWaller Premium Plus
Well done with what you have accomplished so far Cindy!