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July 13, 2016
Hey Y'all Wow! That image is something else right? Hope everyone had or is about to have an incredible day! For guaranteed success I ask that you spend a few seconds on each image. If there is text in the image please read it. Try to read the smallest print first and concentrate on the words. The last image is of import also. Try to spend a second or two on it.I know, I am getting out of control. You take time out of your busy day out of courtesy or curiosity to scroll down my post click the gr
July 11, 2016
Hey Y'all,I see you . You thought you caught me with a typo. Sorry not this time. Well not in the title anyway. No guarantee for the rest of the post you will probably find plenty.This post is geared toward our newer members but there is something here for all. If not as a reminder, there are some some humorous aspects to this post so hang in there.As I was falling asleep last night a commercial played on the TV. (No, I don't know why I have the TV on when trying to sleep.) There was this big
July 10, 2016
Hey Y'all,Hope every one had a great day! Or will have a great day. With friends here from around the world it is hard to qualify. What ever time it is in your neck of the woods hope all is going well for you.Are you just starting your work time? (whether it be day or night) Do you have your list made out? What ... no list? I think that might be making a mistake. I am big list guy. A list gives me direction to my day so I am not starting here just to go over there and not accomplishing much. Wh
July 08, 2016
Hey Y'allHope everyone had a great day or are about to start a great day. I spent the better part of the day at the Doc's office being poked and prodded. The incredible news is that I got to come home that normally doesn't happen, that is why I don't like to go.That is not the reason for this post. I took my phone with this trip which isn't the norm. It is just to much of a hassle trying to keep track of while taking those stupid gowns on and off several times.I have always wondered why
July 08, 2016
Hey Y'all Just a quick note. I had the opportunity to help a couple members in the past few hours with training troubles. For some reason they could not advance to the next tutorial.Not having experienced this myself my first suggestion/question was had all the task boxes been checked off as complete. Thinking back as I just typed this I realize that couldn't of been the problem. I was very guilty of clicking thru the training to try to get to the promised land quicker when I first started.Both
Hey Y'all,It is time to get your piece of the Pinterest Pie.Pinterest is once again an affiliate's best friend! About a year and half after Pinterest but the brakes on affiliate links, it has now revised it's Acceptable Use Policy. allowing for posting of affiliate links. That is great news for us. Pinterest banned affiliate links due to the massive amount of spam they were creating with broken links and redirects. They were hoping to improve the user experience.Mike Mayzel part of the Pi
July 04, 2016
Hey Y'allHope everyone had a great weekend. I usually have Chris Rea playing in the background as I work but yesterday my wife had her old westerns playing in the background all day. I guess that is what prompted this story. There are some lessons that can be drawn from this tale , but mostly it is for fun.An old prospector was working the claim he had staked out on the side of the mountain. He had been working his site for two maybe three months. It was difficult to keep track of time for him,
July 02, 2016
Hey Y'allThis is a quick post about point of view. Take a minute and look at the image above. Is this a picture of a sun set or a sun rise? Some of us may have a bit of an advantage I live very close to the water so I have been privileged to many of each........... Let's leave that for now..........I don't know if you have heard the sad news. Forrest Gump had a accident with his shrimp boat. It is rumored he thought he saw his beloved Jenny and ran aground. Unfortunately he was killed in the a
July 01, 2016
Hey Y'all, Just a quick story that shows there is always a way.There was an old man living alone on a small farm in Idaho. He wanted to till up his garden patch to plant his vegetables. But he was old and it was such hard work he just didn't know how he was going to get it done.He wished that his son Rufus could help but Rufus was in prison. The old man thought for a while and then wrote a letter to his son.Dear Rufus,
June 29, 2016
Hey Y'allI have had the opportunity to brainstorm with several new members about their niche ideas In the last few days. As we all know that is a tough decision to make when you first arrive. I am not going to try to re-invent the wheel here. There are several great tutorials on the subject. Kyle's tutorial in the Certification Course's tutorial right on point as alwas.