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July 29, 2016
BE SUCCESSFUL!Hey Y'all,I know every one is doing great today and that is incredible news! Most of us have only one or two sites we are working on so we are in our WP dashboards almost daily. So you have probably done this already. But there are some of us with more than that. If you have a site you haven't visited to update the All in One SEO plugin please do so after we hang up.Back in the beginning of training Kyle stresses the importance of staying on top of your updates. The All in One SEO
Hey Y'all,First off i would like to apologize to some of you that are waiting on answers that I was trying to help you with. Also for not responding to your posts. I am well aware that WA goes on without me, I am not trying to say anything like that. I just do not like to leave things undone. Hopefully you have resolved your issues, if not I should be back with you by the end of the night.I ran across this information while I was incapacitated and thought I would share it. Hopefully you haven't
July 24, 2016
Facebook security is oft times overlooked. Considering the time and effort you are putting into social media platforms to promote your online business this should not be ignored.Hey Y'all,I have had an incredible day in cyber land today steadily working away. Hope yours has been as well. If you hadn't guessed this post will help you install Fort Knox type security on your Facebook account.Facebook Security GuideBefore we get into the Facebook security settings let's go to the general settings
July 23, 2016
Google Alerts and Google news are both great tools to help keep you up to date.Hey Y'all,Some of you that have been here for a while already know these google tools but for our new friends I am going to share them. Both tools will provide you daily updates from your niche or anything else your care to keep up on.Let's start with Google news. Unlike Google alerts which are sent directly to your email you have to open google news from your browser. If you have a Gmail account it is simple.Google
Hey Y'allHappy Saturday. Proud to be here working away with you. After you read this post you might think the sign above is what I did. I have been too serious of late and the inner child has been throwing a fit to get out. After all it is Saturday let's have some fun. Here are some fun, not often talked about (for good reason) ways to promote your websites.Come on,! Everybody uses it! Think of the exposure! When you are done advertising you can re-purpose the rolls in many useful ways!They a
July 21, 2016
Think With Google and Think With Google Data Image GalleryHey Y'all Is everybody happy? Big smiles on your faces? Oh c'mon you can do it! OK for a very few of you things aren't going great. I am sorry to hear that. I hate to spoil your day by telling you the ending but I will. Everything is going to work out fine. Just keep going one step at a time and at the end of the day you will be surprised at how well it went.I stumbled on this Think With Google site and thought I would share it. This s
July 19, 2016
Hey Y'all,Hope all is going great for all of you. If not I have a simple solution that works for me. Start the day over! The old saying tomorrow is another day is true but there is no need to wait for tomorrow do it today. I have been up to the middle of next week to get the day to work well but it always does.I ran across a link IMc/Ian shared in response to a question. It was for the Guide to Internet Wealth 2011/2012 that Kyle and Carson published. Some of the older members here have probab
July 17, 2016
Hey Y'all,Hope everyone's Sunday is going well. OK, repeat after me. Today is going to be incredible! That was a bit weak. I am still on my first pot coffee myself. We'll try again later. (Yes I know the Dr. says no caffeine, but come on) I have run into this problem with Amazon affiliate links 3 time in the last 2 days so I thought I would share one solution with you. To me it is the easiest way to add Amazon affiliate links to your text. There are several ways to get your Amazon links. And
Hey Y'allThe weekend is upon us once again. The Game Wardens will be out in force so watch your bag limits. Just a quick share today. I was stumbling around looking for some PowerPoint templates for an info-graphic and found this site. There is an incredible amount of content all free to use. Make slide for your videos or charts and graphs for your website. If you use PowerPoint this is a must see.
Hey Y'allHad you a bit gun shy with the opening image after yesterday right?. Hope as is well in your neighborhood today. Is everybody ready for an enjoyable productive day?.... Wow, great job! I heard that YES! all the way down in South Texas!I was going to try to make video of this subject, but I just started working with Screencast-O-Matic. That name sounds like it should be on a late night infomercial. But wait there's more!......If you order now we will send not one but two.........In