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September 03, 2016
Hey Y'all,Hope everyone had a great day today. If not this evening will be better.Several folks in the past two days have contacted me with adding content to their WordPress editor from other word processing programs problems. Creating content outside of your WP site is a great way to cut down on Data Usage if you are on a limited plan. But it can be a pain to paste to your post.There is a simple fix for this. The paste as text tool is in the WP editor tool bar. If you do not do not see it you
A question just came up a few minutes ago about connecting to Google Search Console using Yoast SEO Plugin. On yoast seo: how do I connect with google search console?The Yoast SEO plugin can be a bit confusing. There is a tab that is for Search Console.You can click on Get Google Authorization Code and receive a code but it will not work unless your site is verified.You can verify your website with both Google and Bing by following the steps in the tutorial linked below.How to Verify Websites U
You have done all of your research. You have checked your keyword placement. You have checked your grammar and punctuation. You have dotted all the (i)s and crossed all (t)s. You have created an incredible article!WOW! Your post is so good visitors are commenting on it. Awesome news. You approve and respond to their question or comment and you are done right?Not so fast. Guess what? Your visitor that you worked so hard to attract has no idea that you approved their comment much less responded t
Hey Y'all,One of our members Chua had his Facebook account hacked recently. My fb got hacked, how to block them?This is just a quick post to the link for a Facebook Security Guide It is fairly quick and easy to do and will go a long way in keeping your Facebook account secure from hackers.When you are using your account to drive visitors to your site being hacked is the last thing you want.You Got This! Go Get'emUntil next time,
August 29, 2016
Hey Y'all,I published my first training tutorial. If you could find a minute to check it out I would appreciate it.Please leave me comments on how I could improve it . Or maybe it was easy to understand. I value your input. If there is any subject you might want me to tackle please leave that below also.How to Verify Websites Using All In One SEO Pack In WordPressThanks for your Time.Until Next Time,
Are you struggling with the Wealthy Affiliate Private Messaging System? I have been from the inception.My keyboarding skills have been well documented. Even tho I am improving, I am not by any sense of the word fast when it comes converting my thoughts to the screen. That being said there seemed to be a lag time from my keyboard input to the actual words being applied to the screen. There were times that I would type faster than the system and words would be lost. That shouldn't happen at my le
Have you noticed that your post are appearing as categorized? There is a quick and simple cure for that. Not only will your posts look better they will be easier for your visitors to find.How to Add Categories to WordPressIn your WordPress dashboard click on posts. You will see the Categories option click on it.As you can see there are already a few categories created. Let's add a new category "slider" some themes require this in order to create a slider.Enter the name of your desired category
If you have not signed up or converted to a Pinterest for Business account I would like to suggest that you do. The benefits are tremendous. If you need information on how to set up or verify your account you can find it here How to Verify Pinterest for Business Using the All In One SEO.I could spend a few hours explaining Pinterest Analytics for you but Pinterest does a far better job. I will say this, it is nowhere near the learning curve that comes with Google Analytics.This video will give
Verifying your Pinterest for Business account using the All In One SEO plugin is easy to do. There is a plugin for this Verify Pinterest for Business but there is no need to use it.The All In One SEO plugin also allows you to easily verify your website with Bing and Google, set up Google Analytics, and submit an .xml site map to both.Why do I need Pinterest for Business you ask?You already have a Pinterest account why Pinterest for Business? That is a valid question. There are several reasons t
Google Alerts Is a free tool offered by Google that will inform you of new information that Google finds on the web for any keywords you choose. Google Alerts and Google news are both excellent resources to keep you up to date on what is happening in your chosen niche.While Google Alerts is normally used to alert you to new products or information in your niche, it is also a great way to be informed of new affiliate programs that might go unnoticed. Once you have set up your website and found