"NO PLAN B", Can You Handle That?

Last Update: July 20, 2018

"Have you ever heard the phrase (am sure you have),

"Do not put all of your EGGS in one BASKET"???? How's about...........

"You can be good at ANYTHING but NOT EVERYTHING"?

Well lets talk about our careers as "Content Marketers" later in life,(mid 50's) with time NOT as much on your side as you did when you were younger, and every decision you make affects the quality of your future more so than when you were younger.

Is it a WISE call to say, "I am doing this, and at this point I will not have a ROI" (Return on investment) but more importantly I have "Now PLAN B" can you handle that?

"Integrity is living what you determine you say are your VALUES, and GOALS you set out for yourself" and can you make the hard decisions with integrity when the time comes?

I mean can you handle saying "No" to a Good paying JOB, just to give you a paycheck and Now real end result, outside of having work for a period but eats up almost all of your waking day? (I.e 12 hours +) and leaves you NO time to work on your new skill set?

Or can you work at something to make ends meet ( which means less Money but less time actually working) and you get to devote more of your extra available time to your new Profession?

lastly if you can support yourself without working so to apply ALL of your time to your new skill sets?

Can you handle that?

Well I am here to tell you, and this is not from me, but from a lot more beautiful minds than myself....

"The only way to do Great Work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet keep looking and Don't settle" Steve Jobs

I know Life is unsettling, and uncertain, but is this not where the realm of FAITH and BELIEF comes in?

"Faith is to believe what you do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what you believe" Saint Augustine.

All you can do is all you can do, but after that, are you going to "play it safe", or are you going to NOT have a Plan B?

Faith is going forward despite the uncertainties and noise from your environment and doing all you can so that your actions will connect, but sadly knowing that the dots will only connect after the fact and this is from you looking backward and not going forward this is how life unfortunately works, ..........HUMPH!!

You have to Trust that through Sheer Blind Faith, Desire and Determination, that they WILL connect, and as you DO all you can, gradually it will start to gain movement which in turn gives you the belief and confidence to keep following your inspirations, keep experimenting, researching and TRYING even if it is NOT on the road that many people have already walked or understand.

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things" Albert Einstein

Breathing that New Air Again.

There is a Freeing feeling that comes from being a Beginner at something again, simply because you do not have all the knowledge that goes with you KNOWING your scope, but that is where the FUN and Excitement truly is. You get to become CREATIVE and Inspired again.

Step out on the ledge look down look around, and breathe the air of new opportunity, for this is where the Real Life force dwells, not in the knowing, not in the same and mundane but in the New and Unexplored.

"I have Now special talent, I am only passionately Curious" Albert Einstein

You will never find that or feel that if you are not Putting your eggs in ONE basket, making a stand and planting a FLAG.

Only a word of caution although...... just remember to GUARD over that basket, and all the contents it contains.

  • Your Focus, attitude and Behaviors
  • Your leanings, and growth,
  • Your failures and successes and most important
  • The feeling of anticipation and optimism, not fear or uncertainty of the road ahead.

"Trust in Allah but tie up the camels at night" Arab Proverb

You Can Do Anything But Not Everything

How do you know it's the RIGHT basket, well simple look in the mirror and ask do I LOVE this, and if you do not get a resounding YESSSSSS Keep going for this is a guiding system that will always get you to where you want to be.

If it is a NO to many times in one week, then something truly needs to change, keep looking until you find that RIGTH Basket.

The common factor to all of this is that Truthbetold None of us will not be getting out of here alive, so do not worry about IF......

  • This is right...
  • IF I can make this happen...
  • IF my people around me think I am not in my right mind!

Have "No Plan B", Put your eggs in one basket, Guard over that basket Do that one thing better than everyone else and JUMP.

Can you handle that?

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

To my friends at WA

Thanks for the moment

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firstlearn Premium
Plan B - Go over where plan A went wrong and correct it.

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Exactly right Derek!
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Awesome post! Thanks Dino!
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Thanks so much James
Apprecaite your words of encouragement.
Be well myman.
EandS2018 Premium
Thank-you for you powerful and inspiring words !
Expect to succeed !
Elaine & Scarlett
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You are most welcome.