Be a Turtle.

Last Update: July 20, 2018

On My Road To "CONTROL"

Well here I am, just finished the last of the 10 Lessons in level 2 of the OEC and it has been REALLY enjoyable, Informative, educational and am not going to lie, a little frustrating.

It's all about getting the 'Mind set" needed when THINKING the way you should think as this new type of professional, trying to establish the Skill sets needed to operate with competency your own ONLINE Business.

For example walking into a magazine store and looking at all the different magazine categories as "NICHES" then Looking through them for inspiration for "A NICHE" so that you can then in turn take those ideas, apply them to your website as content after doing the appropriate research.

My challenges are in firstly.........

  • Is this just going to be a Niche site? (Single Product site, with a ceiling on growth $)
  • Or is this going to add to an Authority site? (its is OPEN in terms of Concept, and is better for scale and leverage?)

Why Is It So Uncomfortable?

It is Uncomfortable Tobesure, but when you think about it just like ANYTHING ELSE, this is absolutely NORMAL, for anything you start will feel like this at the beginning until you get your mind WIRED to think like an "online marketer", and only then will it begin to feel LESS .........."Uncomfortable"

Have you ever.......

  • Learning to Swim for the first time
  • Traveling to a new location and trying to get your bearings
  • Starting a new course in University
  • First time in a GYM

ANYTHING you PUSH yourself to do and have not done before will be Uncomfortable, but that is where the MOST LEARNING, GROWING, and establishment of SKILLS/TOOLS needed to be a strong professional in any field will happen.and that is Exciting.

"Outside of your Comfort Zone and within your Strength Zone is where the most performance, growth and learning occur" John Maxwell

Just DO It

Get Out of you head, keep DOING what you can with what you have from where you are right now, and slowly the unknowns of this Jigsaw puzzle called Online Marketing will fall into place.

"The ONLY Source of KNOWLEGE is EXPERINECE" Albert Einstein

All energy for this, and every other endeavor is ALWAYS at the beginning so to get the momentum going, but as you create that momentum it will get easier for you will improve, establish process and yes fall short, so expect it to be "Uncomfortable" slow, awkward etc again this is absolutely NORMAL.

Always go back to WHY are you DOING This? Remember the WHY and take some time when you need a break so to breath, reassess you PURPOSE and continue to move forward. This is not a RACE, this is journey with a destination so "Be a turtle" there is a reason why they are the "ELDERS of the SEA"

Just like Turtles you will get to where you need to go and how LONG it takes, how HARD it will be holds NO relevance just as long as you KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

The Next 3-6 Months

  • Will bring more Clarity
  • More abilities
  • More understanding
  • more growth
  • more Excitement

And for me Closer to the end result of taking back the one thing that is everything "CONTROL" of your life and is there anything sweeter than that?.

(Thank you, the WA team for making this Journey and Destination a LOT easier)

To my Friends at WA

Thanks for the Moment

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Plod by plod you'll get there!
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