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Last Update: September 26, 2018

Just like this tree which is not right side up and was not rotated some times a better more useful theme will help things look better on the cell phone as well as on your laptop!

This is just a reminder to look on both the laptop and the cell phone because so many do not use bigger screens now days - they just use their cell phones to look at the web sites and get information from them first...

So is it easy for them to find your articles, see your videos, work through your menues? Move around on your site and make the most of it on their cell phones?

Always test your site out and see how easy it is to use on the cell phone..

The easier simplier and quicker they can find some thing the better - this is always a challange with so many things on major sites - and yes after you make some money you may just want a professional do a great job on it and get paid for doing so!

If it is done well the sales will go up and it will be worth it - if not you will need to find a better marketing system and web master!

Great businesses do no wait to become greater they are always working to lead and not be left in the dust!

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RichBrennan Premium
Good info, I was going to ask the Community about mobile phone friendly themes - you've answered my question for me.
Thanks for sharing :-)
DoYourBest Premium
You are welcome hope it helps
Fleeky Premium
Yes... a theme needs to be responsive, that is: working and adapting to all devices
DoYourBest Premium
So true - thanks
newmarketpro Premium
That's great insight Roger.
With more and more people access internet through their smartphone, it's crucial to make sure our site is compatible with all devices. Thanks for sharing.

DoYourBest Premium
You are welcome