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Last Update: October 16, 2019

The real power or Fire in our Relationships comes when we go deep - really deep and personal! When you interview for a job are they just trying to find out if you can do your job, or are they trying to see if there are weaknesses to keep you out of hire?

Great companies are now looking for the right people with the right skills and attitudes of employment... they want the right people to work with the right team... they will fly to these peoples homes, talk and visit with their families, and these interviewers try to personally find out if they are a great fit for the leadership of their companies... why?

Because the right leadership in the right companies will make everything run better...

Now take a different view of things, there are many people looking for others to help build their business, but these are not CEOs - they are common people, but people with a great desires, really get the help to move forward, but that is not enough, are they teachable? Are they fighters meaning will they stick to a program and make it successful? Do they have the communication skills to find, and interview others through three ways?

So they can build a strong and stable team too?

I've paid and seen at least 3-4 times for these kinds of worthless interviews, they were nothing but superficial, - didn't mean anything - they were a con job but expensive..

Real and deep interviews are different - the more you get into them you know it's the real deal and you walk away better for it!

Why because you know more about yourself and what you want then ever before, and you have a better idea on how to get it - even if the person interviewing you - partners with you or not!

Wow - when is the last time that has happened to you?

There are always better ways to do things and this is just one way...

I have not learned all of this yet but I will...

These interviews take 30 - 50 minutes and are powerful, and life changing...

Have a great day -

Roger Lee Martin 10-16-19

It takes a lot of effort "To Move Up" but it's always worth the effort

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Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day!
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thanks - for reading
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Great blog, Roger.
Have a great day to you and your loved ones too.
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Thank you - may you and your family - also be blessed!