Big Con game I need More Money!

Last Update: May 23, 2018

One of the greatest Con games ever played on the masses of people is the - Idea of if I only had more money everything would be all right!

Let's look at this con game a little closer! First of all money can not solve a lot of personal problems, relationships, character, moral, and integrity etc. etc.

So if you have these problems when you are poor - or what you think is poor, you will only have more of them with more money!!!

We over look - our own foundations and weaknesses, they are NOT solved with more money... often they are just made worse...

So often we chase after things, that can not make us happy, and they waste our time and life, and when life is over we look back and think, what a fool I have been!!!

It takes greater wisdom and control to make and keep wealth - then it doest to try to earn it.. etc.

If you can be happy with what you already have and what you are already doing - well then you are wiser and more wealthy then the fools chasing after money most of them will never make....!!!

Now let's put some of this together for our present - situation, if you can pay yourself first - you will never run out of a little extra income.

Just as important - if you can learn to safely and wisely invest your time and money - to make money - you will have two streams of imcome working for you - no sales needed...

Some last comments - if you can wisely stay out of debt - you much better off... debt should only be used for making more money then it is costing you to use your loan or debt, and it should be much more money - then it is costing you, not just close, that includes things like interest, taxes, and most often forgotten - time.. what is your time really worth?

Now if you can teach this and more to your children and grand children - they will never be poor!

They will always be happy and use their money, time and usually resouces - very well..

It might just turn out that - they can use and bless themselves and others with these resouces too...

Think about avoid the Great Con Job - that if only I had more money I would be happy!!!

Good day - this is Roger Lee Martin from Billings MT...

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