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Last Update: May 17, 2016


Launched an eBook in one of my niches today!

It's doing pretty darn good. The day isn't even over yet and here is what I made today:

I launched the eBook to a list of about 2500 subscribers.

The book took months to write and a lot of hard work & frustration. But now it's all becoming worth it!


Here are my sales at the end of the day:

Recent Comments


Congratulations, that's amazing!

Congratulations Doug, on your great results

At a boy. Good for you.

that's amazing! Congrats on that!

Awesome, Doug! Cohen here. I wanted to actually speak to you privately about e-books, I'm ready to start writing my own but would love some input.

Great work!

Hey Cohen! Feel free to send me an email whenever you like:)

Yessir! Done. Thanks for all your help, dude. You're my role model :)

Love hearing that!

Whoa! Incredible! Awesome news!



Wow, thats amazing Doug! I love seeing another you entrepreneur like myself succeeding! Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to be in a position like yourself in the coming years!


Well done Doug!

Thanks Jason!

Fantastic!!! You gotta love the power of having a responsive mailing list - again well done and congrats!!

Definitely, Leo! And who says email marketing is dead?

The ones not making money - LOL

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