Made It To Post 70 On My Site!

Last Update: Mar 23, 2016


Just noticed that I made it to my seventieth post on my site.

Currently I'm writing 1 post a day and have been consistent with that for about 2-3 months.

My Sales(so far):

My website make an amazon sale every 2-6 days.

I feel like that number is going to dramatically change within the next few months because I've been writing better reviews and have been targeting much lower competition keywords.

I have also joined a few higher commission affiliate programs. I should be getting sales from them within the next month or two(hopefully).

Recent Comments


Wow! Not sure if you are driven or if you just somehow "knew" that a fantastic start would lay the cornerstone for future success but it is amazing! :D

That is a whole lot of work my friend. Great job.

Thank you!

I have to say that reading your messages here about your financial success are so exciting. Did I read that you are still in high school? Forgive me if that isn't what I read but I'm sure you said something about graduating; or possibly not.?? Anyway, I tried to go to the two sites you have listed here and they are both non viewing? They are both under construction? I was anxious to see them because I was looking to see what they were like since you are making an income on those two sites correct? Is the site that you mentioned above your site or someone elses site? I guess I am confused about what site you are making money on? I thought it was the sites that are with Wealthy Affiliate and the site above is not part of Wealthy Affiliate, correct? I guess something doesn't make sense to me. Sorry? Can you explain what sites you are getting this income from? Thanks.

Yep, you're correct; I'm still in HS. I've taken off my main sites I'm makin money off of mainly for niche-secrecy reasons. The two sights you see on my profile are my personal site and a software site that I'll eventually launch. My sites aren't hosted on wealthy affiliate either. I moved them to private servers instead. Thank for enjoying the posts!

Just the inspiration I need. Thanks dougbeney and nathanpall99.

No problem. Glad you're inspired!

Great work! I also hit 70 posts (yesterday). You'll zoom past me pretty soon though as I am going at 4 a week. Keep up the great work!

Thanks haha. What a coincidence?

Way to go!!

Hey Doug,

Great job on your consistency of posting and I think your chosen niche is awesome!

Well done!

Thanks Jay!

You're doing real well I'd say. Sometimes I look at the number of posts I have written and wonder how I could have done that! :)

Haha thanks!

Wow! That's a lot of work! Congratulations on being so persistent! I must do that myself! I am at 12 posts 12 days.

Your site looks great!

Keep up the good work! It will pay much more eventually!

How many visitors a day on your website this month?

Yesterday was 140. I get about 30-40 searches a day from Google.

Soooo COOL! I am hoping for that to come soon!

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