Made $2843.58 in December! Plus I'm about to receive $4k in affiliate commissions!

Last Update: Jan 4, 2016


It's really cool to see all of my hard work pay off more and more.

Last month I made nearly $3k in affiliate commissions! It was a very good month! I feel like my site would've made more money, but it is mainly profiting off digital product sales which are a little difficult for people to wrap up and put under the tree.

Also, I'm about to receive $4012.51!

I'm a part of a niche-related affiliate program that pays out every few months. I was expecting a payout of ~$2000, but I was "slightly" off! The screenshot above shows my unpaid commissions.

Scaling things up for a bright 2016:

The past months I've been toying with outsourcing and learning how to get quality writers. There was a lot of tweaking but I ended up systematizing things and now I have 8 writers. It's very cool to be able to afford not having to write anymore.

I've also been learning PPC. I'm currently launching an eBook ( and am promoting the prelaunch with Facebook ads. Of course I did a lot of testing to make sure the topic was something people were actually interested in. The book is taking a while to write since it is a DIY niche and I have a lot of new circuitry skills to learn, but it is coming along. It's really exciting to see how engaging of an audience I'm building up. People on the DIYMidiController Facebook page have asked me to open up preorders which I wasn't expecting. The FB page is getting great engagement and has over 600 likes!

P.S. a really cool tool I recently found is Skitch by Evernote. It's free and lets you take screenshots extremely fast and annotate them. It's a lot better than my old process of taking a normal screenshot and editing it with Photoshop. Plus there are a bunch of arrow tools and such to make annotating easy. The screenshot above is made in Skitch(not an impressive example, but you get the point).

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Wow! That's great, congrats!

Thanks Gerald!

Congrats. Thanks for the tip on Skitch. I will be checking this tool out! Keep it rolling in! Dave.

No problem! Didn't even know it existed until a couple of days ago.

Fantastic!! Here's to making 2016 an amazing year :)

Definitely! Thanks!

You are an inspiration to everyone man. Glad to see you working hard and having it pay off.

Thanks MountainGold!

Amazing job! Really makes me motivated! :)

Thanks, Martin! Glad to motivate:) Let me know if you ever need any help or advice on your sites!

That's awesome, keep it up and make 2016 your year :)

Damn right Anthony:) Same to you bro!

That's amazing! Well done. I hope to see commissions like that one day as well.

It will happen. Believe me. You just have to keep going when a "sane" person would be ready to give up. There were many times where I thought my niche was completely unprofitable. At the end of the day, any niche is profitable when enough persistence and dedication is put in.

This is really inspirational ans motivating - thanks for sharing! Would you say you are quite 'deep' in your niche or is there still some broadnes to it? I second guess or over-analyze from committing to a niche right down to the correct domain name to use.

My strategy is to build up authority sites in relatively broad niches. It might take longer to get results, but it's what works for me. For example, instead of creating a toaster website, I would create a kitchen appliance website. It makes it easier to find a ton of keywords as well.

Thanks for the advice! Btw what is the name of the website you created?

Unfortunately I'm keeping that a secret. It seems like a lot of people tend to copy niches that are doing well. Fairly recently, someone on WA ripped off Jay's Football Helmet website. It's not that I don't trust you, but there might be a random visitor to this page that runs off with the idea.

Wow good point, thanks for another 'tip'.

congrats for having this result...

Thanks ankit! Much appreciated:)

Well done :)

Thank you, Jude!

Congratulations. Wishing you even greater success in 2016.


Thank you, Lis! Same to you!

Amazing will done❤️

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