The Boss Was Right Again

Last Update: May 24, 2013
By now each and every one of us are aware of Google’s latest Penguin update, and some of us may be happy and some of us not exactly thrilled. In my situation I’m shocked, very pleasantly, but totally shocked.

Past Frustrations...

I started here at W.A. in December of 2012 and took a while but finally got my first website built. But during the whole time I had an enemy in my camp. For some reason, the whole concept of keywords kept stalling my best intentions. In fact my frustration with keywords and not seemingly being able to find the appropriate ones for my website, did around 2 months, minimally, worth of damage to where I found myself logging in, getting ready to go and then maybe working on content for a short time and then just reading all the posts here.

The Fog Lifts...

My frustration was so great that I wouldn’t even get back into the training for weeks at a time. But one night I decided to start with Level 1 Lesson 1 and do everything all over again. For some reason, the fog began to lift and I reworked all the keywords for my entire site. Then the fog began to set in again as I searched Google high and low for any signs of my website. Nothing at all appeared, anywhere, but the Boss just kept saying to concentrate on content. So that’s what I did, just hunkered down on content.

The Game Changer...

A few nights ago, all of this changed with the advent of the new Google update. Today I was just dinkin’ around with my smart phone as I waited for something. So I Googled my website minus the .com and about fell out of the chair when it came up on Page 1. So I started going through my site throwing different keywords into Google and found my site ranking many more times including 3 in a row on Page 2.

Bottom Line...

All of this to say again, Kyle was right, just concentrate on quality content. Even Matt Cutts has mentioned this quite a bit lately. I know that there are always going to be individuals like me that begin here at W.A., not doubting Kyle, Carson, Jay, Rick or any of the other sages here, but they're simply just not getting a concept or an idea and then they consequently wind up stumbling for periods of time. If I could just save one of these new individuals the frustrations that I've had, I would be absolutely, totally stoked!


Paul was right... "we walk by faith, not by sight".
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Sherion Premium
Thanks for this post. It will be beneficial to others. Keep on keeping on!
DoubleTap Premium
Thanks Sherion... will do... got a long ways to go!
wtbee2013 Premium
Honestly I have not been worried about Keywords I was just trying to get everything up and running. When I write an article I try but if I have something to say I just say


I am so happy for you your site looks awesome

Paul says it...But do we do it ;O)
God bless
DoubleTap Premium
Yep, I've watched as you've progressed and you definitely didn't seem to have a problem with anything. Not only did you get your website up and running quickly but you got into writing other articles and posts too, and rather nicely. And ontop of that, you got into the social circles pretty easily! You've done really well, Kymee... really great job! Thanks for looking Kymee, I appreciate it!
DoubleTap Premium
Yeah Rick, I can't even begin to tell you my frustrations with trying to figure out the keyword thing. I gotta tell ya' though, in Level 2 Lesson 3, Kyle said...

Here are the SIMPLISTIC content guidelines you should follow when writing content.

(1) Put your keyword in your title
(2) Put your keyword in your first paragraph of text
(3) Write the rest of your content naturally
(4) Aim for your content to be 400 or more words in length

... and it's like I had total release of the keyword thing. I just did what he said and moved on and a day later Penguin updated and here I am.
Kinda weird but now it's like I have total direction and know what I've gotta do! I haven't completed all levels of Getting Started yet, so, no more questioning... headin' into it straight on and not stopping 'til its done.

What I'm finding is that many of my questions pre-premium are being answered in the Level 2+ training, so I'm going to quit bugging Kyle and everyone else and just get the training done before I get frustrated and ask more questions. Guess I'm kinda on a quest. If Penguin wants quality content, I couldn't ask for more because I'd much rather fire this laptop up and just get down to writing. What more could I ask for!!!
Rick Jantz Premium
Congrats man. You deserve it. Keywords is exactly what I'm reviewing and relearning. Thanks for the insight.
Jackiex4 Premium
I agree. It's just so frustrating when that fog comes down isn't it? x
DoubleTap Premium
Yeah it is Jackie, sometimes it can take so long to find your way out... just runnin' in circles!