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September 27, 2013
Just wondered if anyone knows anything about Scalelab? It's a Youtube network and I just got an invitation from someone with Scalelab to join their network. I really can't find any review on them and am wondering if anyone knows the pros and cons of joining a network like this and specifically this one. Thanks all!
September 27, 2013
I doubt if it was obvious to anyone but my sweetheart and I were gone for 5 weeks or so on our annual camping and fishing trip up to the Eastern Sierras. Where we usually do our boon dock style camping, there’s no internet available. The only way to get it is to leave the campground areas and head out of the hills and back down into civilization and this doesn’t exactly happen every day. So after getting home, unpacking the trailer, unpacking the truck and procuring a few bites to eat, you
July 10, 2013
It 'tis amazing which monsters of distraction can raise their hideous heads and pull us away from the important tasks at hand. What's even more amazing is that it's usually right after we've made some great progress and we think that we have reached a new plateau in defeating procrastination. Fortunately, by Kyle and Carson's great design, we are maneuvered into doing some things that will really further our knowledge and experience needed for our campaigns if we complete each and every task as
June 13, 2013
Ok, so I've been here since December 2012. I finally achieved my first affiliate sale through Amazon. Yup, it came from a friend of mine, and yup, I had to sell or lead her to my website first! But she had no idea that I had a website, no idea that it was loaded with all the info that it has and no idea how much knowledge was at her or her soon-to-retire husband's fingertips.Her and her husband are good friends of ours that recently have gotten into camping and we've had the opportun
So, I just spent the last 3 hours putting together my second article for Street Articles per Kyle's instruction in Level 3 Lesson 1 of Getting Started. Admittedly, I already had an ever-so-slight chip on my shoulder. I had previously decided that I would probably need a little extra encouragement before ever getting involved with S.A.because of all the stories I've read here about people getting rejected and having a difficult time getting published.But, when Kyle had us do our first one
By now each and every one of us are aware of Google’s latest Penguin update, and some of us may be happy and some of us not exactly thrilled. In my situation I’m shocked, very pleasantly, but totally shocked. Past Frustrations...I started here at W.A. in December of 2012 and took a while but finally got my first website built. But during the whole time I had an enemy in my camp. For some reason, the whole concept of keywords kept stalling my best intentions. In fact my frustration wi
February 11, 2013
Lately a few of the people that I follow have been gracious enough to post their experiences here at WA, their first earnings and their website URL. I remember a month or two ago someone wrote that after a lot of their experiences here they had come to the conclusion that every time they posted something that it was going to be limited to instructional material, something that is useful in terms of the ‘nuts and bolts’, so to speak. Lately, I’ve really begun getting hungrier
January 12, 2013
I was just reading a few blogs and following some of the links that I saw. Soon I was reminded of the different blogs and comments that I’ve read here about those nasty little ‘Shinny Objects’. I would assume at this point that the following website is a prime example of what to avoid… What was interesting about it was that it is supposed to teach you how to cash in off of Pinterest, other than using Pinterest to link back to your aff
It All Started... About two and a half months ago, I decided to surf the internet for online income opportunities. It only took an hour or so to find a multitude of sites where I could get paid to take surveys. A day later I had signed up for two or three of those sites and inadvertently through some completed tasks on one of those sites, I was inundated with tons of other survey sites, sweepstake sites and pure junk. Wasted Day and Wasted Time… For two or three weeks I wasted hour upon