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I just installed a widget in my sidebar that uses Meteor Slides. Everything works perfectly except that there is a large space underneath the widget... I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give me! Thank ya', Randy
During the night of Nov. 6’th and early hours of Nov. 7’th, I experienced around a 90% drop in traffic on my C&FC site which still remains. While checking out my site in the Google Rich Snippets Tool, I noticed that there are several ‘Extracted structured data’ boxes with data including external links for sites and YouTube vids. They all appear to be residual from comments that I approved of and replied to on my site. My question to you is: Are they harmful in any way, and… I
Alright folks… here’s a list of my plug-ins’… Akismet All in one Favicon All In One SEO Pack-Michael Torbert BackWPup (may be on it’s way out!) ContactBuddy Crafty Social Buttons Exclude Pages from Navigation Google Analytics by Yoast Google Plus Authorship Google XML Sitemaps Quick Adsense Robots Meta SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Simple 301 Redirects Weaver II Theme Extras WP Edit Everything I seem to read these days says that we should have no more than 10 plug-ins in order to keep the site
October 14, 2014
Well Friends, I need your opinion on MailChimp vs. Mad Mimi. I need a freebie autoresponder for my Amazon affiliate site C&FC. But, I really don't need any of the junkie pop-ups and stuff that is sometimes associated with freebies that sends readers into a tail spin as soon as they click on the "Sign Up Now" button. Or, is List Wire better... I don't know and I'm not familiar whatsoever with any of these. Sure do appreciate your opinion on them, Randy
Tonight I started with BootCamp but somehow lost my direction. I started thinking about how many people I follow. I normally follow everyone that follows me and along the way I usually find someone that I think is interesting and worthy of following in hopes of having good dialogue with and maybe learning something from. But as some of you know, I usually do not follow motivators, only instructors because I really just desire direction, not motivation. I've got the Stephen Covey deal, even brou
Just wondered if anyone here at WA sells or is affiliated with someone selling portable solar panels for camping? I need to purchase something with between 60W and 120W output before our next big fishing trip and thought I'd check here before I start Googlin'. Thanks for your help folks!
I just came across this video(Before You Share Photos Online) and thought that everyone might want to watch it before they use their cell phones for personal pics and images. I’ve seen tidbits on this before but never really considered too much about it!
I keep getting calls from the San Diego area, 619.478.6154. This morning I finally picked it up and was introduced to the fine people at Web Knowledge LLC. Basically they’ll take $200 dollars to start with from ya’ and get you hooked up to Amazon as an affiliate with a website and promise ya’ that you’ll be making somewhere around $2500 a month. Some Things are Just Messed Up Now, this is a very nice version of a very messed up group of individuals with a very messed up plan. Fortunatel
December 16, 2013
Here's a quick update on my inquiry into SCALELAB, a YouTube channel promotional organization, for you all. In reality there's not a whole lot to go on. Of the people that I talked to, no one really has anything bad to say about them. However, on the other hand, no one really has anything good to say about them. Their main plug seems to be that for a percentage of the profits that you may procure from your YouTube channel, they will increase your channel's traffic through whatever means they
I have a client that needs a website complete with shopping cart, checkout page and order confirmation page. What would everyone suggest as a plugin that would accomplish all of this and work sufficiently within WordPress? I'm OK setting up an Amazon A-store but this client is selling his own products and there needs to be drop down menu for different types and different sizes... kinda complex for my experience. I know this might be a tall order, but a lot of you folks constantly amaze me with