The Journey

Last Update: May 24, 2017

Keep both your eyes opened and your ears sharp, walk pass the ditches, continue; be smart. Continue; you are not alone, never waste time listening to discouragement on your cell phone.

If he call's you first, just say to him,"you are late"! Continue; fallow the path straight. Like any thing else in life. Your business is natural! There will be mountain path to climb do keep it in your mind, you will no doubt, have valleys to descend.

Steeps sharp-pointed rocks and rivers almost unseen in the blend. Don't stop. These things can be very useful in future schemes. Look at them, never run from them, neither destroy them. Keep them save them in your archive. They will; one day serve their purpose, they will help you then to thrive.

You might not be an expert, Dorothy; you don't have to be, just be yourself, who else can you be? Stay sober stay calm, run well, no need for alarm, the race is not for the swift neither is the battle for the strong; rather; both are reserved for those who endures unto the end.

You might have the chance to meet with a lot of people Like Brad or Julia, you might share in their journey as they travel along, their success story might be great, enough to be your song. They could be interesting encouraging and strong. They could be not so tasteful, they could even be sad.

The good thing is that you are gaining knowledge. and no one can deny that knowledge is of great value, it is in fact a much needed success. One that will help you in the present as well as in the future.

As I traveled through the street of Wealthy Affiliate I saw people smiling greeting sharing in each and every little way that they possible can. I join them in the task which is sometimes much fun and I hope to make a blast before this year is done. If of course you don't cripple me, neither chain me hands and feet I will be among those smiling showing my teeth.

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pablocortina Premium
It's a lot to think about. I agree that you are in the right place with Wealthy Affiliate.
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Thank you. Nice meeting you too
DorcasW Premium
Thank you Elroyfrench
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Hello DorcasW nice to meet you and thanks for your blog
ElroyFrench Premium
Very nice, well done, thank you.