Failure Is A Natural Part of Life

Last Update: May 26, 2017

You failed because you did not try. Not because there are issues every where about you and people who take pleasure to hurt your feeling, in every little thing that you do; that is not good enough reason to let you give up. It should be the number one reason for you to boost up the lion that is in you and try even harder. become more resilient. more forceful.

Be courageous, exercise braveness. where there is Negativity fight back with positiveness. lay a weight of defeat on the shoulders of every negative thought and action. Be the lion of triumph in your own affairs. Never allow any show of defeat to weight you down, nor cripple your style,

Shake off that. Put on a new hat. After all; you know better than that, Foot off of brake put foot on gas, shift your Gere stick from nu trial put it on drive, show all of the things that are provoking your peace that you are very much alive.

Problems cannot defeat you. You has to defeat yourself, and if it is yourself that is causing you problem get get self off of you too. After your self is not better than your success, send him packing, out of the race. What? Will you let him sit there and cause you disgrace. For what reason or purpose? Take hold of your life, make the best in your service, set your own price.

You cant make me stop you, I am living my own life. If you want to stay there and watch me I will laugh at you twice. You don't want to fight failure? Stay there; let failure fight you: we will see which one will sorry, when you let failure out do you.

Come out of discouragement, get brave, stand up strong, if you think it is you alone failure annoying in your thinking you are wrong. There are people who use him so as those who abuse him. But failure; will he ever stop fail....?

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VeronicasLuv Premium
Sounds like your lion is out, Dorcas!
BradB18 Premium
Totally agree isn't it GREAT
BradB18 Premium
That's really good Dorcas,
You have a real talent for writing.
Great motivation
I am a Leo so I'm gonna get that lion out
DorcasW Premium
Thank you I will do
pablocortina Premium
I have learned more from my failures than I have from my successes. Keep moving forward
ElroyFrench Premium
Fantastic again. thank you.