Independence Day

Last Update: July 02, 2018

Independance Day.

What many of us will be talking about this week. As July 4th closes in, many Americans celebrate this day, one which we all have in common. A celebration of the freedom we as a nation hold so dear, a triumph of liberty that many of our brave soldiers fought for.


I really love that word. It is a beautiful word that truly encompasses what many of us here at WA strive for.

Look at some of the definitions of this word: sovereignty, self-determination, autonomy, freedom.

And my favorite: the process by which a person controls their own life.

I believe most of us are here to find this independence. We dream of financial freedom, independence from bosses, 8 to 6 work days, and jobs that drain the life out of us and steal away precious family time.

Not that we're not grateful for our jobs, but they can wear us down. We desire freedom from the rat race, financial pressure, and demands on our time. We are working harder to make ends meet.

But we persevere. We dream of something better. The light at the end of the tunnel.

This is our light, people. Its time to believe, much like our forefathers of this great nation, that we CAN have independence. Maybe its a different type of independence than what our forefathers fought for. But it's still valuable. It's worthy of our time, our hearts, our dreams.

Wishing you all a beautiful independence day. Let freedom ring!


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ERichardson1 Premium
so many people forget about all of the beautiful and brave thing that you just spoke about . It seems like it is not thought of appreciation or pride by so many, but a day for only to BBQ hang out at the beach drink a lot of booze smoke a lot of pot, it saddens me because i dont see Americans celebration like we once did.