Cat and Mouse

Last Update: July 10, 2018

This morning I received a gift. It was a mouse. Deceased, of course, found on my front doorstep. It was proudly delivered, I'm sure, by my cat, Nemo.

I realize he was quite proud to deliver the gift. He loves me. BUT, this little mouse was rather small, harmless, and kind of cute. I had a talk with Nemo about it later. Why did you choose this mouse? Could you not have chosen a big, menacing one, or even a rat? I'm sure Nemo was thinking, "What does it matter? I just picked this mouse because it was there and available!"

I thought about how much I have struggled to find the right website for my affiliate marketing. I have spent too much time trying to decide what theme to use, what product to promote, or what to say in my blog. I just need to pick something and do it!

So, thanks Nemo. For the inspiration to write something. Just choose it, believe in it and move forward! And thanks to the mouse, too. RIP little fella.

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raybrannum Premium
I love the way you talk to your cat. I have a local friend that just published a short book on his conservations with his dog Rex. For someone who has published some great books Google Howard Upton, Boaz Alabama.

For a truly successful site visit She is truly an inspiration that might give you some ideas.

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i sincerely hope you get to spent lots of time with your precious grands!!! Grand children and in my case great grant children are a gift from GOD.
donnamac Premium
thanks. so much Ray! I will check these out! Have a great week!
CoraMitchell Premium
A very smart cat! Go for it, I jumped in with both feet & now I’m really getting the feel of things, so I’m thinking I may change my theme ...

So you can always change.... I was reading an article today about a famous brand snow board ... I think it was Brad ? (Don’t quite me on that) but the point is, they are a huge business who make snowboards , ski wear, etc. and they change their logo over a hundred times before they got it right and it didn’t affect their business,

So, we can make changes as we go!

Here’s to success!

donnamac Premium
thanks Cora!! good advice!! Glad to hear things are moving along for you!!