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July 10, 2018
This morning I received a gift. It was a mouse. Deceased, of course, found on my front doorstep. It was proudly delivered, I'm sure, by my cat, Nemo. I realize he was quite proud to deliver the gift. He loves me. BUT, this little mouse was rather small, harmless, and kind of cute. I had a talk with Nemo about it later. Why did you choose this mouse? Could you not have chosen a big, menacing one, or even a rat? I'm sure Nemo was thinking, "What does it matter? I just picked this mouse because
July 02, 2018
Independance Day. What many of us will be talking about this week. As July 4th closes in, many Americans celebrate this day, one which we all have in common. A celebration of the freedom we as a nation hold so dear, a triumph of liberty that many of our brave soldiers fought for.Independence. I really love that word. It is a beautiful word that truly encompasses what many of us here at WA strive for. Look at some of the definitions of this word:
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