You Are Not Wasting Time

Last Update: April 25, 2020

It's been almost 6 years since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I don't even know how many articles I've written, but it's a lot. And if you're like me, there have been times when you wondered if any of it was really worth your time - especially when you confront a setback. With the COVID-19 outbreak, my travel business has dried up for now <sad face>. I had to cancel my trip to Berlin completely - a month-and-a-half stay dashed! The rest of my plans are still in place, but always with an eye to safety and health.

But the fact is, all my work is still valid. The places I've written about are still there, and still beautiful. The travel tips I've gathered are just as timely as ever. My photos still entice. My recommendations still hold weight. It's all still there, just waiting for life to regain some sense of normalcy.

One of the big benefits of online marketing is that - if you do it right - it just keeps working for you. If I'm out traveling, I'm not always writing new articles, but that's OK. My site is still up and running and gathering new viewers all the time. I'm still sharing on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and gaining new followers there. And when I have time to write, it simply expands my offerings and establishes my authority to Google.

The time you put into writing quality content is never wasted time, even if you hit a bit of a snag now and then. There's always something to do that only enhances your web presence:

  • Update your articles.
  • Add new photos.
  • Reformat your site or try out a new theme.
  • Find new advertisers who align with your message. Check out Share-a-Sale or Pepperjam or AWIN. Update your profiles and apply to new Sellers.
  • Watch new training here on WA. Implement what you've learned.
  • Expand your presence on other platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat or others.

All that work just keeps working for you. And things won't always be slow. When things start rolling again, you can be positioned at the crest of the wave, so be ready.

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JeannineC Premium
Excellent perspective on the current situation. I keep telling all the travel bloggers I work with that now's an excellent time to review travel goods, encourage virtual visits to destinations so travelers will know where they want to go when they can, write the articles owed from your "guilt" file. (I was a print travel writer for many years.) Good content will cut through all this and ultimately perform for sure.
eimba Premium
Great post, thank you for sharing. Stay safe and be healthy.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very true words, Don! Steps everyday add up for a successful conclusion in the future!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
The work you put in now will benefit you down the line. Great post.
megawinner Premium
I agree. It's worth the effort and it pays us somewhere down the road. I do believe that. It happens all the time. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.