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September 07, 2014
And specifically because of a Jaaxy search. I re-watched the training on key words and meticulously followed it again. Came up with several phrases related to my niche. Tested them on Jaaxy and adjusted them slightly. Wrote a nice review article about the a product from one of my affiliates that fit the key word. Posted it a few weeks ago - and voila! It's now on page One along with 5 or 6 other phrases from that same post. Even got a bunch of clicks on the ad. Cool. So I wonder - sho
August 30, 2014
In Course 5, Lesson 10, Kyle says to create goals for the next two years, at intervals. So I've created mine and logged them in my new Evernote (thanks WA for suggesting that great tool). Based on my production this month, I have projected the following goals for my site: 3 month content goal - 66 Posts - 33 recipe/product reviews; 33 tips/product sales 6 month content goal - 132 Posts - 66 recipe/product reviews; 66 tips/product sales 12 month content goal - 264 Posts - 132 recipe/product re
August 29, 2014
Attached a screen shot of Google Analytics to document my traffic growth since August 1 when I went live with my website. I don't really know if it's good or bad, but I'm happy to see steady growth as I increase my content, build my social sharing mechanisms, and learn more about how to do all of this. Ultimately, I'll turn my focus a bit more to converting visitors to sales. For right now, I'm still managing my affiliates, finding the best ones for me, and learning the ins and outs o
Woke up this morning and prepared myself to meet the damp world here in Denver (had rain overnight, which is really odd.) Cleaned the dishes, fed the dogs, made some coffee, and headed to my office. Pulled up my desktop where I've gathered my WA pages: WA, Atmail, Website, Gmail, GWT, Google Analytics, eBay, LinkShare and Clickbank. I click on my Google Webmaster Tools and my eyes widened - went from about 8-10 clicks a day to 91! WT@? OK, that's interesting. Next, went to LinkShare -
I just checked my profile and I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for one whole month. In that time I have: Identified a niche. Created a website built around that - Went Premium Bought a domain Created 19 substantial posts, based on categories of Baking Tips, Baking Tools, Product Reviews, Recipe Reviews and Recipes. Baked and photographed and taste-tested a dozen products. Got set up on several affiliates, including LinkShare,, and eBay (Amazo
Watching Kyle's video on subtle linking and action items really cleared up a lot of fog for me. I know he mentioned it before, but I think I lost track somewhere along the way. I was creating lots of content posts about recipes, baking tips, reviewing some baking products, etc., and within those I would place an affiliate link for a hand mixer, or a set of baking pans. Relevant to the article, yes, but just sorta laying there, hopefully attracting a click. What Kyle says here is that placin
August 21, 2014
I just can't pass up a deal, if I know I'm going to stick with it for the long haul, why not save a few bucks a month? I've created 16 posts in a month, my traffic increases almost daily, I have several affiliates, and I just like doing what I do. So what the hell, let's go for it!
Can't beat that with a stick. Just got an order for 48 cupcakes for a garden party. Church member who liked the organic cupcakes with cream cheese icing and wanted to have them at his garden party this weekend. Easy, peazy. The word spreads . . . Taking advantage of opportunities that come along is part of the game. People will want you to help design websites for them. People will want you to write articles for newsletters. People will want you to talk to groups at community meetings (R
My goal here at WA is to create a website that's pulling in $500/month. I started in July, so I know I have a looooooong way to go. But I'm constantly aware that I need more quality content on my page, so I think about it a lot. Lately, I've found myself analyzing every dish I see in a magazine, cookbook - even on a TV show! And my question is, "How can I take that dish and make it uniquely mine?" There's always a twist you can make to a recipe that changes it substantially - like making bi
August 10, 2014
Most of you know that I run a website on baking. It's been a hobby for years, but I've never been to culinary school, or even taken a baking class! I watched my mom, and then I just started doing it. I've collected baking cookbooks, read a lot of articles, watched a lot of TV shows. I even purchased one of those "Great Courses" lecture series' on Baking and Pastries. But the fact is, there are lots of times I don't really feel like an "expert." I could let that stop me. I could get intim