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Finally found my way to Page One with one of my latest recipes. My traffic is still staying strong, with the usual dips between posts and across weeks. Even my media is ranking No 1. Don't forget the importance of good media images in your keyword searches. 3 of mine occupy the row of pictures Google displays when using the keyword. It's taken me about 8 months to make it this far. But the nice thing is, you don't have to climb
I've been tracking my progress with search queries under Google Webmaster Tools. In a previous post, I talked about how I had gone back to every post to review the keywords I'd been using, I compared them all to new Jaaxy searches, and then made adjustments. Here is the result. In the two weeks since making the adjustments, I've seen my queries jump from around 100/day to almost 400/day. My clicks have gone from 60/month to 80 in 1/2 month. It's probably small potatoes to a lot of you wh
Sometimes you just have to step back and let your work talk to you a little. It's so easy to get too single-minded and driven that you can't hear what your product is trying to tell you. I've been up and running now since August 2, 2014. I have 33 quality posts, fully indexed media, rankings that are growing regularly. I've learned a lot about my craft by baking regularly and reviewing lots of products, reading lots of baking blogs. I've had fun . . . but now I'm ready to tear things
I see so many members wondering how on earth they're going to find enough to write about. If a blog post is supposed to be about 1000 words, and you need a lot of posts to demonstrate healthy activity for your rankings . . . well, it can sure seem daunting to a lot of people. In a former life, I was a writer. I had to write on deadline, so I didn't have time to twiddle my thumbs wondering what on earth to write about. I had to CREATE methods to garner inspiration for my articles. One thing I
February 13, 2015
I try to be a helper here at WA - though by no means am I an expert! If I know something, or have experienced something myself, I'll lend a hand. I have many years of experience as an editor, so I can always help with writing or design layout critiques. I may be a little too blunt sometimes, but when I was working, you just didn't have time to "pussyfoot" around the things that needed to be changed. I've worked with computers since the days of the TRS-80, so I can usually help with software
February 11, 2015
If you're like me, you want to minimize the amount of money you are putting in to your business venture. In my business, I shop all the sales, never EVER pay full price for anything, and I work to match up low-cost ingredients with good-quality keywords. If I find london broil on sale, and my keyword search says, "Hell YEAH!", then that's a match made in heaven. Jaaxy is not cheap. You've looked at it, I'm sure. And there is a keyword tool with WA that does work. But Jaaxy is so much m
February 10, 2015
So now you've got a page up and running, but how to get people to actually come to it? That's the big question. Of course, you've optimized your Google searches, you've researched keywords that Google is already looking for and you've made them part of your posts. All that is critical for big traffic. But there's a lot more you can do on your own, too. I run a baking site ( I bake a lot, but at home it's just me and my partner, so we certainly can't eat it all!
Just finished a new post. Let me know what you think.
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January 26, 2015
Well, I have been very lax in my blog work for the past six months. I traveled to Turkey and Ireland for a month each, then Mexico for six weeks. I need to figure out a way to keep updating my site even when I'm traveling and can't bake myself. I have had time to reflect on my baking website, and I've come up with some refinements. I had moved toward gluten-free and/or vegan recipes, but frankly, that's just not my passion. I don't personally have any problem with gluten, and I grew up in K
I'm right at two months now on Wealthy Affiliate, and like many of you I've gone through a bit of a slump. I've done all the formal lessons, got a good site up and running (, wrote about 25 good quality posts, some recipe reviews, some product reviews, some equipment reviews, set up a number of affiliates and got a good handle on how to advertise those items. I am getting lots of queries and some traffic. But then I made a mistake. I signed up for Bing Ads and spent a